The Irish government wants to kill more babies When the state hijacks healthcare and assumes the right to decide how it  should be defined and delivered, it acquires extraordinary power. It can  then wield that power in a variety of ways to advance its Communist  agenda. We have seen how this was done under ‘Covid’. We are also seeing how it enabled it to “terminate” 8,500 unborn babies in Ireland in 2022, a number which continues to increase. In this paper we examine the recent  Review of abortion legislation in Ireland and ongoing efforts by politicians and the media to suppress any discussion of the real issues.  [Posted 31/08/2023] Harming children via porn Most adolescents are watching porn since it is freely available online, and  many are suffering emotional damage as a result. The idea is current that  there are two types of porn, “good” and “bad”, and that adolescents can  safely watch the former. This lie is being promoted by experts and  institutions who ought to know better. Plans are far advanced in Ireland to make porn watching an integral part of child sex education, under the  label ‘porn literacy’. In this paper we reveal what is really happening and  why parents should be greatly concerned at the way the state is  sexualizing young children in order to advance the Marxist agenda. [Posted 07/06/2022] The LORD’s memorial scroll  On 15 December the people of Ireland were given what might well amount to a final warning. The wicked are in the driving seat and seem  determined to inflict as much damage on our country as they possibly can. Meanwhile the corporate media gloss over their crimes in typical Marxist  fashion. The public at large are steeped in propaganda and unable to  evaluate anything in an objective, rational fashion. Their continued failure to read and believe God’s Word is certain to have dire consequences. [Posted 16/02/2022] BBC Videos are Harmful to Children and Families The Enemy is determined to inflict serious harm on the next generation  and pervert their sexuality. The latest ‘sex education’ videos from the BBC  are a nasty addition to the arsenal of weapons that they are using to get  inside the minds of our children and indoctrinate them with vile Marxist  garbage. Please share this paper with others. The mainstream media is  taking great care to avoid releasing any information that would alert  parents, whether Christian or not, to the dangers they are facing  and the  outrageous threat to their parental authority. [Posted 14/12/2019]  The Sexualization of Children is Unwarranted and Harmful This paper is the text of a submission made to the National Council for  Curriculum and Assessment in Dublin. It strongly opposes the  government plan to teach humanistic sexuality to our children. The paper  is in 5 parts, the first of which comprises the text of the paper published  on this website on 28 March of this year. The other 4 parts will be new to  our readers. [Posted 21/10/2019] UNICEF and FIFA are promoting pedophilia The sexualization of children is an important part of the sinister program  to bring about a New World Order. By eroding traditional sexual values  and norms and replacing them with the promiscuity, androgyny, sodomy  and pedophilia enshrined in ancient paganism, the promoters of the NWO are preparing the next generation to embrace a worldwide occult religion.  Many international organizations and corporations are working together  on this program of sexual subversion. In this paper we examine the role  played by UNICEF, FIFA, McDonalds and Cadbury in breaking down  barriers to pedophilia. [Posted 21/6/2019] Why are the Irish failing to protect their children? Gender perversion is rampant in Ireland, to the point where children as  young as three are now being targeted. Even more horrifying is the  complete failure of otherwise rational or ‘normal’ people to defend them.  Professing Christians have entered the spiritual condition in which,  according to God’s Word, they acquire a “reprobate mind.” Our paper  examines this sordid collapse.  [Posted 27/04/2019]    Disney and Smart Phones are corrupting our children The further our society marches down the dark road of moral relativism  the easier it is to manipulate and deceive otherwise rational people. In this paper we show the extent to which parents have become complicit in the  corruption of their own children. They don’t seem to understand that  Satan is waging a war against them and, under the glamorous camouflage of Walt Disney Corporation, is redefining and perverting the family unit.  The porn industry, meanwhile, is busily working away behind the scenes,  using the ubiquitous smart phone to beguile and poison innocent minds. [Posted 12/04/2019]    The Perverted Sexualization of Innocent Children The Objective Sex Education Bill, which is currently being considered by  the Irish parliament, will enable the state to indoctrinate very young  children in sexual matters.  It is one more step towards the planned  destruction of Christianity in Ireland. The ‘We Rule Ireland Party’ - the  collection of political parties which control Ireland, facilitate corruption  on a broad front, and impose one Marxist law after another - is now  planning to sexualize our children through the educational system. This  wicked plan will be a boon to pedophiles. They will now have vastly more  sexual material to work with as they groom children, both online and face  to face. Irish parents should be outraged by what is happening. Please  share this paper with others. [Posted 28/03/2019] The Jesuits are now actively promoting homosexuality The Roman Catholic Church is a dangerous counterfeit version of true  Biblical Christianity. Hundreds of millions of people are ensnared in its  teachings. There was a time, not too long ago, when its leadership would  have rejected abortion and homosexuality, but not anymore. There would  seem to be no aspect of Biblical truth that the Roman theologians are  prepared to defend. The Jesuits are now openly supporting gender fluidity and the ‘normalization’ of homosexuality. In this paper we reveal the  extent to which they are now perverting the Word of God. [Posted 26/09/2018] Understanding Homosexuality - An Open Letter  The Luciferian Elite behind the 'New World Order' are imposing  homosexuality on society. They have made remarkable progress in the  past few years, to the point where a traditionally conservative country like  Ireland could actually approve homosexual 'marriage' by an overwhelming majority in a national referendum in 2015. The public has been tricked by  the mainstream media and the entertainment industry into believing that  homosexuality is a 'lifestyle choice' and that it poses no threat to society.  Using documented sources, published research and numerous statistics,  our review – which takes the form of an open letter to born-again  Christians – will explore the background to this cleverly managed  deception and reveal the deeply disturbing reality behind this so-called  'lifestyle.' [Posted 24/08/2018] What the Bible Teaches about Homosexuality  Few people are acquainted with what the Bible actually teaches about  homosexuality. The anger being directed at Christians who speak about it  would seem to have discouraged a proper study of Scripture as it relates to this topic. Homosexuality (or   sodomy) is clearly described in the Bible as  a very serious sin which has the potential to inflict immense harm on  society. Many homosexuals claim to find this "offensive," but, as we show  in this paper, the Word of God – which speaks with truth to the heart of  man – is unequivocal in its condemnation of this perverse practice. [Posted 06/08/2018]      The Wicked Cabal who serve in Satan's War against Women  The attack on gender is accelerating. The Elite are now doing things that  even ten years ago would have been met with gasps of incredulity and,  very likely, some degree of resistance. But not today. Christians seem  unable to comprehend the gravity of what is happening. They don't seem  to see that the corruption of gender has dire implications for the open  expression of Biblical truth. Laws and regulations are being put in place  which before very long will be used to prosecute and imprison faithful  Christian leaders. This paper examines some of the ways this odious  program of gender subversion is being implemented. [Posted 09/07/2018]   Is Ireland about to make a covenant with death? Citizens of the Republic of Ireland are now being asked by their  Government to approve the legalization of abortion-on-demand. The  Referendum will be held on 25th May. In our paper we examine the  background to this impending spiritual catastrophe, with particular  reference to the shameful failure by the Bible-believing church in Ireland  to take any meaningful steps to defend the unborn of future generations,  to expose the Government’s humanist lies, or to denounce the cynical  perversion of the pro-life position by the Irish media. [Posted 02/05/2018] Women’s Literature is a Transgender Trap The attitudes and beliefs of most women today are greatly influenced by  so-called ‘women’s literature’. Alas, the great End Time deception is at  work here also. The truth is that most of the leading ‘female’ authors today are not natural women at all. In an earlier paper [#106] we revealed how  most of the Feminist icons, the architects of the Women’s Movement in  the 1960s, were actually transgender  born male and raised female. In  this paper we take this theme even further and show how the broad  spectrum of what is known as ‘women’s literature’ is dominated by trans-   gender writers. [Posted 19/04/2018] Jesuit College Blasphemes Jesus and Attacks Gender Blasphemy is one of the great marks of the End Time. The Enemy takes  immense pleasure in perverting God’s Word and mocking His wonderful  Son. Today blasphemy of the worst kind is being committed to print and  treated as legitimate academic research. What is more, it is being quietly  endorsed by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and transmitted to un-   witting students. Our paper examines a disturbing example of this and  reveals what the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is secretly  doing behind the scenes.  [Posted 31/03/2018]   The Goddess, Abortion, and the Irish Government The connection between abortion and witchcraft is very real. The feminist  obession with the Goddess and goddess worship reveals in graphic form  just how strong this link really is. This paper explains the rise of goddess  worship in feminism and its corrupting effect on maternal responsibility.  The Irish government is currently erasing traditional Biblical values from  Irish law and replacing them with those of the New World Order. The  introduction of abortion-on-demand will mark a major milestone in its  Luciferian agenda. [Posted 03/11/2017]  Abolition of Gender and the Persecution of Christians Christians seem oblivious to the array of sinister forces working against  them. The Luciferian cabal who are bringing in the New World Order are  imposing a system of values and morality that is utterly anti-Biblical. The  plan includes the abolition of gender. They know that this will provide  them with an extremely powerful platform from which to target Bible-   believing Christians. Please take the time to study and understand what  they are doing because this is going to affect you and your family whether  you like it or not. [Posted 25/10/2017]  The Corruption of Christian Worship by Transgenders Most Christians are hardly aware that transgenderism is endemic in our  world today and that the Illuminati ("the children of wickedness") are  using it to destroy Biblical Christianity. One of their principal targets is  true Christian worship. For decades they have been infiltrating their  agents into the Christian music 'scene' and redefining the meaning and  purpose of Christian worship. Our paper provides ample evidence of this  and reveals, in consequence, the immense damage already inflicted on the  professing church.  [Posted 11/10/2017] MTF Transgenders in the US House of Representatives Bible-believing Christians are being called to address a great challenge  today. Christ Jesus asked us to "Watch!" as the End Time approached.  Everything he discussed in Matthew 24 related to signs and deceptions.  Transgenderism is both a great sign and a great deception. Christians who ignore it or dismiss it as a frivolous side-show are making a serious  mistake. In this paper we reveal the extent to which it pervades Capitol  Hill. We would urge our readers to study this topic carefully since it cuts  to the very heart of the New World Order. [Posted 25/09/2017]  So-called Female CEOs and Satan’s War on Women  The nasty attack on natural women continues unabated. The New World  Order is in the process of abolishing the natural order established by God  and replacing it with sodomy, gender fluidity, and transgenderism. The  acclaimed female CEOs who run some of America’s biggest corporations  are not natural women at all, but closet transgenders. This paper gives  ample evidence of this. Christians need to wake up to this appalling  deception. [Posted 20/09/2017]  The British Crown is financing the killing of Irish Children The Irish media continues to push for abortion-on-demand and repeal of  the 8th Amendment. In doing so it uses every devious and deceitful trick it  can, including the suppression of information that would expose the  virulently anti-Christian philosophy of the 'pro-choice' brigade and the  extent of foreign interference in Irish internal affairs. This paper gives the  background to a recent decision by the British government to cover the  cost of abortions by Irish mothers. [Posted 21/07/2017] Transgenders with Serpentine Necks The wicked transgender agenda is endemic in society, and yet most people  are not aware of its existence. This paper draws attention to a physical  characteristic which is very rarely found in natural women but which is  becoming increasingly common among MTF transgenders, namely a  serpentine or elongated neck. The evidence for this is disturbing. It is also  undeniable. Unless true Christians understand the nature and extent of  this agenda, they will leave the Enemy with a huge strategic advantage in  the invisible End Time war.  [Posted 08/06/2017]  Amélie, Stella, Saskia and Total Hypnosis The professing church has severely underestimated the wickedness,  cunning, and determination of the Enemy. While the shepherds sleep, the  god of this world is beguiling the flock, not only with false teachings and a  false gospel, but with a completely false sense of reality. The androgyne  agenda would appear to have a central role in all of this. Just like subjects  under hypnosis, Christians are failing to see what ought to be obvious.  Instead of challenging and exposing this great deception, they are  allowing the Enemy to enslave the minds and hearts of their children.  [Posted 05/06/2017]   Karl Lagerfeld and ‘Female’ Beauty in the New World Order The fashion and movie industries are stealthily changing the paradigm of  feminine beauty. It is now no longer the natural beauty long known to  mankind, but the androgynous form developed by the Enemy. This paper  examines yet another aspect of this pernicious attack on the life-   sustaining natural order established by God. The Ruling Elite are waging  war against natural women and twisting the minds of our children. [Posted 28/05/2017] Closet Androgynes are Redefining Our Insane Society The wicked transgender agenda is undermining the spiritual fabric of  Western society. We are now at the stage where the public is being  conditioned to accept the androgynous or transgender state as normal.  This is doing real harm to our children, causing serious sexual confusion,  and making it very difficult for them to find suitable partners and form a  natural marital bond. This paper shows how this sinister conditioning is  being carried out. Christian pastors need to wake up to the awful reality of what is happening.  [Posted 21/05/2017] The Illuminati War on Natural Women Most professing Christians are unaware of the extent to which the Ruling  Elite, along with their closest associates, are transgendered Luciferians.  Sadly, they are even unaware of the great hatred that Satan has for natural women and how this hatred is being expressed through the wicked  transgender agenda. The minds of our children are being poisoned by this  sinister program. This paper reveals the high level of trickery and  deception that the Elite are using to implement it. [Posted 05/04/2017] Androgyny, European Royalty, and the War on Gender A very nasty war is being waged in secret against the absolute distinction  between male and female. The target, as usual, is Christianity and the  natural order established by God. This paper examines the history of  androgyny and shows why it is central to paganism and the New World  Order.  [Posted 18/01/2017] Most Feminist Icons are male-to-female Transgenders The attack on Christian values and Biblical Christianity in general is very  far advanced. The Feminist movement has been an important part of this  campaign. While it may have seemed constructive on the surface, it served  a very dark purpose. Most of its leaders were not natural women at all, but male-to-female transgenders.  [Posted 27/09/2016] The Curse of Abortion in Ireland The government of Ireland is likely to announce very shortly the date of a  national referendum on whether or not to repeal the Eighth Amendment  to the Constitution. This amendment protects the life of the unborn and is  a major obstacle to the introduction of abortion on demand. This paper  sets out the real story behind the coming referendum and the dark  Luciferian agenda behind it. The Baal-worshipping families that have  ruled Ireland for generations are very anxious to get into step with their  Illuminati counterparts in other countries, where the slaughter of unborn  children is commonplace. [Posted 22/09/2016] The Illuminati Attack on Women Continues The Sunday Times published an article in its magazine on 4 September  which raised – inadvertently – the whole question of transgenderism  among prominent public figures. The Irish parliament enacted legislation  in 2015 which makes it impossible to identify transgenders by referring to  their birth certificates. The multi-faceted attack on the God-ordained  distinction between men and women continues, as does the attack on  women in general. The degree to which male-to-female trans-genders are  taking over from natural women in society is truly sinister, a trend which  is set to accelerate unless Bible-believing Christians open their eyes and  see the evil in their midst. [Posted 10/09/2016] Internet Censorship in Ireland The ruling elite in Ireland are pushing hard to suppress any public  discussion of their plans, such as the intro-duction of abortion, future ties  with the UK, or the advancement of their Baal-worshipping, anti-Christian agenda. An Irish web log that ran for two years has suddenly ceased  operation. It raised many issues of great concern to the people of Ireland,  notably the incidence of transgenderism in high places and the use of  mind control in the media and entertainment industry. Please share this  information with neighbors and friends. [Posted 31/08/2016] Transgenderism, Pharmakeia and Sorcery The Bible warns that pharmakeia or sorcery will be used extensively by  the Elite ("the great men of the earth") in their wicked End Time  deception. Our paper explains how this devious strategy is being  implemented, at least in part, through their secret transgender program.  [Please read this paper in conjunction with our previous one on the same  subject, posted 15 August, 2016. [Posted 26/08/2016] The Wicked Transgender Agenda Few Christians seem to be aware of the truly dark nature of the  supernatural war that is being waged against the church. Fewer still seem  to recognize Satan as a demonic adversary of great cunning who will stop  at nothing to win this war. This may explain why the transgender  deception has been so successful. Not many Christians have guessed that  Satan, through his earthly servants, has been using transgender men to  pose as 'normal' female celebrities. This has been happening to an  alarming degree in movies, television, fashion, and the popular music  industry. Be advised, the information in this paper will come as a shock to  many readers. [Posted 15/08/2016] Humanism and the Irish Referendum on Homosexual 'Marriage'  Increasingly we hear of people who just attended their first 'humanist'  wedding or funeral, but few understand what humanism is really about.  Drawing on the official principles of humanism, this paper reveals the  intensely anti-Christian agenda that humanism is pursuing and the  influence that it had on the recent constitutional referendum in Ireland  which approved homosexual 'marriage'.  [Posted 12/06/2015] Homosexuality: Ireland is on the Brink of a Spiritual Catastrophe A few decades ago Ireland was one of the most morally conservative  countries in the world. Today it is one of the most radical. On 22 May, the  country will hold a Referendum to decide whether or not to amend the  Constitution to include the recognition of 'marriage' between couples of  the same sex. Polls strongly suggest that the proposal will be approved.  Sadly, the people of Ireland are sleepwalking into a spiritual catastrophe.  Somehow they imagine they have the right to change the natural order  that God has instituted. Their deplorable political and religious leaders  have chosen to ignore the awful spiritual consequences of such hubris.  Much is expected of those who are blessed with a knowledge of God's  righteous laws. Have they forgotten that He will judge wanton dis-   obedience?  [Posted 01/05/2015] Same Sex 'Marriage' - Our Insane Society Needs to Wake Up The Irish Constitution is currently under review and submissions were  sought from members of the public on a range of issues, including same-   sex 'marriage'. It is a mark of the moral collapse of nominally Christian  countries such as Ireland that this deplorable prospect can even be  considered. This submission to the Convention on the Constitution  highlights the moral insanity that now pervades our society. It also draws  attention to the Marxist/Humanist agenda that is being pursued by the  Irish government and the determination of its members - some of whom  had links with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - to destroy the  moral fabric of Irish society and prepare it for servile membership of the  coming New World Order.  [Posted 28/03/2013]
Abortion, Homosexuality, and Gender Confusion