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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The Nature of Antisemitism The safety of Jews, both in Israel and in other parts of the world, has  been greatly compromised by the overwhelming use of force by the  Netanyahu government in Gaza. Blame for the mass murder of  innocent civilians, many of whom are children, will be unfairly  attributed to Jews in general. We are likely to witness a marked  increase in Antisemitic behavior in many countries and a growing bias  against Israel in the media. In this paper we examine the nature of  Antisemitism, with particular reference to God’s Word and the  perspective of professing Christians. [Posted 20/11/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Moreover by them is thy servant warned The Enemy has switched into high gear all the engines of his fury. The  flood of lies and misleading information today is phenomenal. We will  only find our way through this maze of confusion by sticking closely to  God’s Word. As Psalm 19 says, His Word not only instructs and guides  us, but it also shows us how to recognize the warnings given by the  Holy Spirit. We need to read the Bible every day and ask the LORD to  open our understanding. We hope these short meditations on Biblical  scenes will offer some encouragement in this regard. [Posted 11/11/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Middle East conflict The situation in the Middle East continues to escalate and calamitous  events are in prospect. In this paper we examine the attack on Israel by  Arab terrorists on October 7th, the alleged failure of the Israeli  surveillance system, and the plight of the civilian population in Gaza. If we are to understand what is happening from a Biblical perspective we  first need to understand why God created the nation of Israel in  ancient times, why His covenant with her still stands, and why she is  destined to face, whether now or later, what the Bible calls “the time of  Jacob’s trouble.” [Posted 03/11/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Dire Economic Indicators The media is not telling the public what is really happening with the  world financial system. When they speak of a ‘downturn’ or the  ‘possibility of a recession’ they are deliberately understating the true  extent of the problems that besiege the banking network and the  international money markets. In this paper we present a number of  easy-to-understand charts pertaining to the US economy which show  the real situation and the factors at play behind the scenes. They also  show beyond doubt that the current crisis was deliberately engineered. [Posted 25/10/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Seek His Face continually The world is heading rapidly into a deep and enduring state of crisis.  Christians will need to pray as never before for the protection and  comfort of their families and fellow believers. We will need the strength that only God can provide. As the Word says, “Seek the LORD and his  strength, seek his face continually” (1 Chronicles 16:11). Much of what  is coming will not make sense to most unbelievers. The shock will hit  them like a tsunami. This is why born-again Christians will need to  stand firm and provide, where they can, an oasis of stability for those  around them. We urge believers once again to immerse themselves  daily in the Word of God. [Posted 18/10/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pope is now counselling all mankind The Vatican has long been guided by the goals of the New World Order. The changes made by the Second Vatican Council, 1962-1965, were  designed to move the Catholic Church away from its traditional  doctrinal position and open its doors to other religions. The master  plan that they have been following is becoming much more evident  under the pontificate of Francis I. His latest Apostolic Exhortation is a  revolutionary document, ascribing “authentic faith” to “persons of  good will” in other religions. Through his apostolic exhortations and  other pronouncements the Pope is laying the foundation for a ‘one  world’ religion. [Posted 14/10/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Exploring His Word in troubled times The Word of God tells us that “All scripture is given by inspiration of  God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for  instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect,  thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) At a  time when rational behavior within society is rapidly declining and  many are willing to believe every lie, we need to drink daily from the  Word of God. The short poems in this paper are a gentle meditation on  some aspect of truth, as seen through the people and events described  in the Bible. [Posted 01/10/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Eight Mice and Excess Deaths in the US The average person has a hard time with facts and figures. He generally likes to have them explained to him, usually by someone in authority.  However, when those in authority are ignoring the facts and figures,  the average person is at a loss. There is a wealth of reliable data to  show that the Covid ‘vaccine’ is harmful, and that the next ‘vaccine’ –  already approved – will be just as harmful. Alas, the public is not  hearing about this from the mainstream media and most people have  no incentive to do their own research online. In this paper we will give  hard data which everyone ought to know about. We will also warn of  the danger posed by the next round of experimental, untested  injections. [Posted 21/09/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - When Satan came to Nashville Paganism has been flooding into the West. It began with a trickle in the late 19th century and has swollen exponentially ever since. In this  paper we look at just one city and show the alarming extent of its  spiritual decay over the past hundred years or so. The same is  happening in other cities all over Europe and N America. The Enemy is  installing monuments and memorials which promote the “gods” or  fallen angels. The one installed in Nashville in 1990 is breathtaking in  its audacity. Many of our readers will see it as a sign of the End Time. [Posted 17/09/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Wilful Blindness There is a strong tendency in our fallen human condition to imagine  that everything will continue much as it has for the past few decades.  We don’t like change and we don’t adjust easily to anything that rattles  our assumptions. Bible believers trust the sovereignty of God and keep  this tendecy in check, but unbelievers have no defense. The Enemy can  exploit this weakness in subtle ways, to the point where even obvious  threats are ignored. We don’t want to know! This induced blindness  can bring tragedy at a personal level, but when it affects the nation as a whole, it can open a path to catastrophe. In this paper we examine  what this is doing to America and Europe today. [Posted 08/09/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Irish government wants to kill more babies When the state hijacks healthcare and assumes the right to decide how  it should be defined and delivered, it acquires extraordinary power. It  can then wield that power in a variety of ways to advance its  Communist agenda. We have seen how this was done under ‘Covid’.  We are also seeing how it enabled it to “terminate” 8,500 unborn  babies in Ireland in 2022, a number which continues to increase. In  this paper we examine the recent Review of abortion legislation in  Ireland and ongoing efforts by politicians and the media to suppress  any discussion of the real issues. [Posted 31/08/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Unconfessed sin and directed-energy weapons We live in challenging times. Christians who fail to make full use of  God’s Word are at a great disadvantage. The Enemy is offering highly  persuasive reasons for not doing what the Word of God tells us to do.  He is also making great use of unconfessed sin to place a barrier  between the believer and God. In this paper we examine the way this is  accelerating, to the point where directed-energy weapons can be used  to incinerate a seaside town and, despite all evidence to the contrary,  most Christian leaders see no reason to doubt the official account. [Posted 21/08/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Enemy is using music as a weapon Wrestlers speak of fights in which no holds are barred. The Enemy  wrestles with man in much the same way. He will take what we enjoy  and find a way to use it for his purpose. Music is a classic example of  this. It ought to be a source of spiritual nourishment, but for many it is  a sedative which weakens their capacity for independent thought. The  pop music scene has become a sophisticated tool for programming the  minds and emotions of young adults, teens, and even pre-teens. It  blights their innate hunger for God, just as rock music did in the  Seventies. In this paper we examine some of the ways Satan has taken  control of the music industry. [Posted 07/08/2023]  - NEW  NEW  NEW - The truth about Covid as revealed by an insider History has shown, over and over, that very few have the courage to  question authority or step out of line. Why bother to take a risk that  no-one else is prepared to take? It is far easier to cultivate a range of  excuses to explain one’s inaction than to voice one’s doubts and hold  the supposed authority to account. In this paper we examine the steps  taken by a medical doctor in the UK to refute the official Covid  narrative and expose the many lies on which it is based.  [Posted 28/07/2003] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pre-Tribulation Rapture The website, Hugo Talks, recently posted two videos denouncing the  Pre-Tribulation Rapture. He professed to deal with the subject in a fair  and rational manner but in reality his treatment of this Biblical  doctrine proved to be nothing but a carefully scripted hit piece. His  YouTube channel attracted a large number of comments, many of  which revealed how easily people are taken in by shallow rhetoric and a flagrant misuse of Scripture. Christians must exercise great  discernment in these matters, recognizing that the Enemy will continue to do all he can to malign certain doctrines and discourage believers.  [Posted 17/07/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Nine Time Periods Where our secular education is concerned, history is a greatly  neglected subject. This neglect is exacerbated by the fact that those  who design the school curriculum or publish works of historical  interest are able to reinterpret the past to fit their own political agenda.  For a Christian, the historical perspective we adopt is central to our  understanding of the Bible and the plan of Redemption which unfolds  gradually as we read through it. The enemies of Christianity like to  propose methods of Bible interpretation which dilute its truth or cause  confusion. In this paper we look at the nine time periods in God’s plan  for mankind and show how His version of history is the one we must  truly study and understand. [Posted 10/07/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Seventy Weeks of Daniel  A sleeping church ignores prophecy. Rather than deal with it in a  realistic way, it converts into metaphor and allegory those parts of the  Bible that speak of an End Time tribulation. The rigor needed to  interpret the Word of God correctly is suddenly lacking where future  prophetic events are concerned. In this paper we examine the  prophetic calendar given in the Book of Daniel and show how it  provides a framework for interpreting End Time prophecy. [Posted 30/06/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Nephilim, ETs, UFOs and similar tales Our modern culture is awash with nonsense of all kinds. We call it  fiction and imagination, but there is such a large amount of it that the  fine line between fantasy and reality is sometimes difficult to discern.  Many find it exciting to pretend that the line is not fixed. This Matrix-   type attitude has found its way into Biblical theology. More and more  Christians are giving credence to ETs, UFOs and hybrid beings known  as ‘Nephilim’. In our paper we examine the background to this trend  and show how it will bolster the great End Time deception. [Posted 17/06/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Greenhouse Gas Propaganda The global warming hoax is moving into high gear. Despite their God-   given intelligence, tens of millions of rational people believe the lies.  There is no such thing as a “greenhouse gas”. So, when venal  politicians try to “reduce emissions” and set idiotic targets, they are  betraying the public. The plan they are following is crafted and  overseen by a small cadre of very clever scientists who have been  recruited by the ultra-rich Elite to beguile the masses with pseudo-   scientific garbage. Christians should be able to see through the lies, but a great many are taken in by this grotesque deception. [Posted 09/06/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The proposed UK digital pound Few people will have read the recent report released jointly by the  Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor of the Bank of England  about the proposed digital pound system. Fewer still will have studied  its contents in any detail. In this paper we take a close look at what this  revolutionary report is actually saying and highlight, with direct  quotations, the dangerous monetary experiment which the UK  authorities intend to conduct on the British people. [Posted 28/05/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Hate legislation will be used to persecute Christians in Ireland Some of our readers may be aware that the government of Ireland is on  the brink of introducing legislation which will criminalize anyone who  dares to criticize the new Marxist morality. The aim of this ‘hate’  legislation is to frighten those who might dare to open their mouths  and proclaim God’s Law. The Act is perverse in the extreme. The  accused person is presumed to be guilty unless he can prove his  innocence before a court. Those found guilty can be fined up to €5000  or given a prison sentence of up to five years. Please share this paper  widely since few Irish citizens seem to realize the danger we are facing. [Posted 10/05/2023] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Prayer is unfailingly fruitful We are living in a time of great change and potentially great turmoil.  Christians need to pray for each other like never before, to come before  God and ask that He bless and encourage the saints. We will meet with  many non-believers in the coming years who have lost all hope. They  will need to see the unshakeable foundation of those who trust in  Christ – who, no doubt, will be dealing with hardship of their own.  Those who are strengthened by prayer will know how to counsel these  troubled souls and share the gospel of salvation. Great is His Mercy! [Posted 05/05/2023]    
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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the  coming New World Order and the forces behind it - and to do so  from a born-again Christian perspective.   The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the  reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The  site tries to identify and describe the ‘big picture’ and, in particular,  how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.  Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under  attack in a systematic and insidious way in all parts of the world  today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of  this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people  behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy  Christianity. [2009] Papers on this website were accessed around a million times over the past three years. Readers who wish to download a large number of  papers for future reference should contact us and request a Dropbox  link to our complete archive, grouped by year.   
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