False Prophecy
The Harbinger is both Unscriptural and Nonsensical The Harbinger, by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, which was  published in January 2012, has become a bestseller in the US. Many  Christian leaders have endorsed it and the author is receiving high-   profile coverage in the media. But the book is a minefield, a muddled  fictional work that tries to present its speculative conclusions as proven  fact. This paper shows why The Harbinger is both unscriptural and  nonsensical, and may even lend credibility to a worldview that conflicts  with Christianity.  [Posted 2012] A Prophetic Dream in The Harbinger is Suspiciously Masonic The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn purports to be a prophetic work, but  the more one examines it, the more Masonic it gets. This paper shows  how a prophetic dream in The Harbinger, which is meant to be  Christian, is strangely similar to a dream by the Civil War General,  George McClellan, which has special significance in Freemasonry. [Posted 2012]