The Babylonian Religion
When Satan came to Nashville Paganism has been flooding into the West. It began with a trickle in the late 19th century and has swollen exponentially ever since. In this  paper we look at just one city and show the alarming extent of its  spiritual decay over the past hundred years or so. The same is  happening in other cities all over Europe and N America. The Enemy is  installing monuments and memorials which promote the “gods” or  fallen angels. The one installed in Nashville in 1990 is breathtaking in  its audacity. Many of our readers will see it as a sign of the End Time. [Posted 17/09/2023] Eyes Wide Shut No matter how much evidence the sceptic is given, he will continue to  deny anything that conflicts with his world view. This obstinacy lies at  the heart of our fallen nature. In our pride, with eyes wide open, we see nothing. The Enemy knows this and exploits it ruthlessly. In this paper  we show how the placename ‘Columbus’ has been incorporated into an  elaborate set of Masonic lines and circles covering most of the United  States. Given that the blueprint for this pattern must have been  prepared about two hundred years ago, we have in these ‘magical  circles’ incontestable evidence that the US, and thus the world as  whole, is controlled from behind the scenes by Freemasonry.   [Posted 15/03/2023] Order Out of Chaos  The Babylonians want to create a new world order. Satan has  convinced them that this can only be achieved by completely  destroying the existing order. If they can do this, they believe, the new  world order will emerge of itself from the wreckage of the old one,  almost through a process of alchemical transformation. They are  currently finalizing their preparations for these catastrophic events,  but are doing so in a way that will disguise their involvement. In this  paper we will show how the public has been conditioned to believe, in  due course, the official account so that, when the Great Reset occurs,  very few will discern a hidden hand behind these awful events. [Posted 14/10/2022] Green Man symbolism in the Irish Passport The occult Elite are like animals that go around putting their scent on  everything in their domain, claiming it as their own. For centuries they  have had to do this via symbolism since outright claims of ownership  and dominance would be met with serious resistance. But times have  changed and the level of discernment among the general population  has fallen through the floor. As a result, the frequency, character and  audacity of these symbols has grown considerably over the past ten  years, to the point where they now spell out a sinister message. The  new Irish passport is a brazen example of this. [Posted 15/04/2022] The Star of Isis over Britain As we have shown in recent papers, the Babylonian Elite who rule  Britain and most other countries from behind the scenes have erected  numerous public monuments to exalt their god. In this paper we reveal how some of the most prestigious obelisks in Britain have been  arranged in such a way that they sketch out the five-pointed Star of  Isis. What is more, they have done so in a very precise and measurable  way. By doing this, they are violating God’s Word and deliberately  blaspheming His holy Name. [Posted 15/03/2018]  The Strange Baal Circles around Nashville Baptist College In our recent papers we have shown how obelisks are used by the  Babylonian Elite to form 'sacred' circles in honor of Baal. In this paper  we reveal how the American Baptist College in Nashville, TN, is  surrounded by at least 13 such circles. We also show how this  obsession with obelisks is affecting the church. The blasphemy and  deception behind all of this should be of great concern to true Bible-   believing Christians. [Posted 27/02/2018]  Concentric Baal Circles on the Continental Grid As we have shown in previous papers, the US and Canada are covered  with a network of obelisks which are designed to honor the false god,  Baal. The obelisks are arranged in such a way that they form 'circles', in accordance with the Babylonian principle, 'point within a circle'. This  paper gives many examples of this, as well as some startling examples  of nested or concentric circles. Christians need to recognize that the  Enemy has his own religion and that he intends to impose it on all  mankind. [Large file (50MBs)] [Posted 16/02/2018]  Babylonian Blasphemy and the Washington Monument The spiritual darkness across America is far greater than many have  imagined. The Washington Monument in D.C. is the largest obelisk in  the world and therefore of particular significance in the Babylonian  religion. It is quite simply a massive monument to Baal, the god of this  world. In this paper we examine the meaning and purpose of obelisks  in Freemasonry, the importance of blasphemy to the Babylonians, and  a strange object next to the Washington Monument known as the  Jefferson Pier.  [Posted 03/02/2018] Consecrated Ground and the Gettysburg Triangle As we have shown in previous papers, the United States is covered by  an elaborate array of obelisks, arranged in accordance with the  Babylonian system. In this paper we look at the alignment of these  obelisks and, in particular, how twelve of great stature have been  arranged to produce a right-angled triangle over an area of great  historical significance. We also show how the Civil War marked an  important step forward in the Illuminati plan to bring about a New  World Order.  [Posted 26/01/2018]   The Continental Obelisk Grid We have consistently made the case in these papers that a small group  of ultra-rich people control the governments and media of the world.  Their god is Baal and they make obeisance to him by erecting a  network of obelisks in his honor across regions of strategic and  political importance. Citing evidence that is easy to verify, this paper  explains how they have set in place a network of this kind across the  US and Canada, using the same 'point within a circle' principle that  informs all their works. [Posted 15/01/2018] The 13 Obelisks of Babylonian Rome The Popes of Rome have installed a network of obelisks, some  weighing hundreds of tons, in accordance with the religious system of  ancient Babylon. The main obelisk is in front of St Peter’s Basilica in  the Vatican, while the rest are arranged in an occult pattern on its  eastern side. This paper gives an in-depth description of the network  and its role in honoring and venerating the pagan god, Baal. [Large file (26MBs)] [Posted 20/12/2017] Babylonian London and the Secret of the Solar Barque Demons never die. Few Christians seem to understand the methods  that the Enemy is using to control mankind. The fallen angels are  exploiting every means they can to infiltrate more deeply into the  structures and institutions that underpin western society. Their task is  made considerably easier by the deliberate co-operation of the small  but highly influential cabal that is trying to bring about a New World  Order. This paper shows how the gods of ancient Egypt, who opposed  Moses and defied the Living God, are working today through the  English ruling elite and their international associates. [Posted 15/07/2017] The Asherim, Craft and Magic Circles of Babylonian London As born-again Christians we are expected to use our common sense  and weigh the evidence in support of any claim or theory. Many who  doubt the existence of a long-term plan to eliminate Christianity and  bring in a New World Order may benefit from our exposé of  Babylonian London (2014), as well as the information set out in this  paper. They ought to startle anyone who is truly sincere in his or her  quest for proof of a high-level secret conspiracy. [Posted 24/04/2017] The Pharaoh Akhenaten is another Illuminati invention As we demonstrated in our paper, Eugenics, Hybrids, and the  Illuminati Labyrinth [#121], the British Elite have been revising  history and inventing historical 'facts' to suit their purpose. The  pharaoh known as Akhenaten is supposed to have originated the  concept of monotheism – belief in just one God – around the time of  the Exodus. However, this pharaoh did not exist but was invented by  the British to undermine the Biblical foundation of both Judaism and  Christianity. [Posted 14/04/2017] Seriously defective tract on Freemasonry The Lighthouse Trails ministry is one of the better known Christian  discernment websites. It recently released a tract on Freemasonry  which gave a very indulgent and, in places, highly misleading account  of this dangerous occult organiz-ation. This paper examines the tract  and shows why Christians ought to be concerned by this development. [Posted 24/01/2017] Annual Oscar Ceremony re-enacts an Ancient Egyptian Festival Christians everywhere should know by now that everything that comes  out of Hollywood is laden with poison of one kind or another. Much of  the propaganda for Satan's war on Christianity is produced in  Hollywood, and virtually everyone of influence in the movie industry is  affiliated in some way with the occult, witchcraft, a New Age  movement, or a pagan religion. This paper shows how the annual  Academy Awards are actually a reenactment of a religious festival from ancient Egypt, and the famous Oscar statuette is actually a  representation of the tripartite god Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. [Posted 12/06/2015] Babylonian London, Nimrod, and the Secret War Against God                [Also accessible as seven separate papers - see below] This lengthy paper sets out the results of a detailed analysis of the  monuments of London. They ought to be of great concern to all sincere  Christians since they give tangible proof of the 'conspiracy' that has  been under way for some time to destroy true Biblical Christianity and  replace it with a one-world religion. The paper shows that London has  been designed as a kind of open-air temple to the gods of ancient  Egypt, Greece and Babylon. The chief 'god' that the ruling elite worship is the Babylonian Nimrod, whom they equate with the coming 'god-   man', whom Christians call the Antichrist. The Asherim of London - obelisks, spires, columns and towers - are  organized to form astrological star patterns, solar wheels, a planetary  model, and tributes to the pagan gods of the ancient world. Once one  understands the 'language' behind these monuments, their  blasphemous nature becomes immediately apparent. Our analysis  shows that the dark character of 'Babylonian London' has intensified in recent years, to the point where monuments are now being erected to  'gods' who figure prominently in the occult and magic, such as Isis and  Seth.  [Posted 14/06/2014] Babylonian London - Chapters 1-2 Babylonian London - Chapters 3-5 Babylonian London - Chapters 6-9 Babylonian London - Chapters 10-12 Babylonian London - Chapters 13-15 Babylonian London - Chapters 16-17 Babylonian London - Chapters 18-End Barack Obama and his Hindu Guru President Obama claims to be a Christian, but this is a front. The  evidence set out in this paper proves that he is really a Hindu (or  Hindu sympathizer) and that his guru is the head of the worldwide  Kriya Yoga movement, Paramahamsa Prajnanananda. He is also a firm believer in the Goddess and the blessings that her veneration will bring  to devotees. In reality, Obama hates traditional Biblical Christianity  and is a key player in the secret movement to undermine and destroy  it.  [Posted 16/07/2013] Witchcraft and Satanism in Hollywood Hollywood is content to appear decadent and immoral because the  truth, if it were known, is much more disturbing. The people who run  Hollywood are active practitioners of the occult. While it may hide  behind a façade of atheism, Hollywood is one of the most religious  places on earth. However the 'god' that these people worship is not our  wonderful Creator, but the Horned One, Lucifer. In recent years they  have become so arrogant that they dare on occasion to broadcast their  satanic beliefs in an undisguised manner. This paper highlights the  extent to which this is now happening.  [Posted 03/06/2013] The Externalization of the Fallen Angelic Hierarchy Few Christians today seem to recognize the dramatic link between  developments on the world stage and End Time prophecy. They forget  that Satan is following a Plan. The significance of what is happening  would be easier to understand if one knew the main features of his  Plan. Fortunately, these can be deduced, at least in part, from history,  from Scripture, and from the occult writings that the Elite appear to  regard as their 'scripture'. This paper examines the Plan and its impact  on world events.  [Posted 24/05/2013] Freemasonry and the Queen of England The British royal family has long pretended to be Christian, or at least  sympathetic to the traditional values of Christianity. However, an  analysis of the annual Christmas Messages broadcast by the Queen  since 1953 prove conclusively that she is definitely not a Christian but a  strong advocate of Freemasonry. From the evidence - her own words -   it is obvious that she rejects the deity of Christ and espouses the ideals  of Freemasonry and its unbiblical gnostic philosophy. Christians need  to consider the implications of this very carefully since it is a clear sign  that the powerful elite who control Europe and America are following a very specific, anti-Christian agenda.  [Posted 09/05/2012] The Ark of the Covenant and the Eye of Horus  Most students of the sinister power exercised by the Illuminati, or  Global Elite, are aware of the importance they attach to the Eye of  Horus symbol, especially when it is enclosed in a pyramid or triangle.  But few are aware of its connection with the Ark of the Covenant and  the incredibly blasphemous nature of its message. This paper explains  its hidden significance[Posted 2010] Freemasonry in Ireland and the Dublin Occult Grid Few Irish people are aware of the influence which Freemasonry has  had, and continues to have, on the growth and development of their  country. Furthermore, few are aware of the distinctly anti-Christian  ethos which governs Freemasonry. This paper gives convincing  evidence that Dublin is criss-crossed by an occult grid which the  Masons put in place a few hundred years ago and which they continue  to maintain and expand. [This paper is an edited version of a more  detailed paper, previously published on this website - The Planned  Destruction of Christianity in Ireland .]  [Posted 2009]