The Great Creation v Evolution Debate of 2014 was a Sham  We expect institutions that profess to be Christian to uphold the teachings and doctrines of the Bible with both zeal and integrity. We certainly don’t  expect them to take the path of least resistance or, worse still, the path of  feigned resistance. The real story behind the Answers in Genesis debate  with Dr Bill Nye in 2014 – which was seen on television by a large number  of Christians in the US and elsewhere – ought to be a matter of great  concern to all who love God’s Word. [Posted 19/07/2018]  Why Dinosaurs are a Hoax  Many people will find it difficult to accept that dinosaurs are pure fiction.  They have never existed. Their only purpose is to contradict the Bible and  reinforce the bogus belief that the earth is billions of years old. This paper  shows how the hoax was initiated and why the ‘science’ behind it is  pathetically flawed.  [Posted 26/11/2016] The Shameless Fraud known as Darwinian Evolution Darwinian Evolution is probably the greatest scientific fraud of all time.  Designed and marketed by British atheists and Freemasons, it is a cynical  pseudo-science that utilises all kinds of logical tricks and fallacious  reasoning to deceive the public. This paper explains how the fraud is  being carried out and who is behind it. Christians need to understand that Evolution is a bundle of well-packaged lies and a crime against humanity.  It is orchestrated by people who hate Christianity and are determined to  destroy it.  [Posted 17/03/2012]