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We are keen to raise awareness generally of the dangers posed by the coming New World Order and the forces behind it -- and to do so from a born-again Christian perspective.

The accent throughout is on verifiable facts, namely material that the reader can confirm to his or her satisfaction from other sources. The site tries to identify and describe the 'big picture' and, in particular, how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible.

Our basic premise is that traditional Bible-based Christianity is under attack in a systematic and often insidious way in all parts of the world today. The tragedy is that most Christians do not seem to be aware of this. Our papers are designed to expose this strategy, the people behind it, and the methods they are using to undermine and destroy Christianity.

Our papers were accessed more than 500,000 times in the 7-year period 2009-2015. Readers who wish to download several papers at once may do so by going to the Internet Archive website (where our papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy James.' 
The Purpose of this Website

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The Tent We All Dwell In - Why the Sky is Blue
Isaiah 40:22 tells us that the "firmament" stretches over the earth like a tent. In its false cosmological model, modern astronomy tries to ascribe the blue color of the sky to the scattering of blue light as it passes through the atmosphere. However, this paper shows why that explanation cannot be true and suggests a straightforward Biblical alternative.  [Posted 26/05/2016]

The Great Cosmological Lie
Even though the Bible clearly states that the earth is both flat and stationary, many preachers and pastors - who profess to take the Bible literally - accept without question the 'modern' scientific view. They have been tricked into believing that the earth is a sphere racing through space at 18 miles a second and spinning on its axis at a thousand miles an hour. This paper gives a number of simple proofs that the earth is both stationary and flat, just as the Bible says. It also shows that the model of the universe (or cosmology) being promoted by modern Astronomy and Astrophysics is a very clever deception. We should hardly be surprised that Satan has concocted such outrageous lies. After all he is fighting a war that he cannot afford to lose and will stop at nothing to secure complete control over mankind. [Posted 16/05/2016]   


The Deity of Jesus and a Seriously Flawed Tract
The most basic doctrines of Christianity are under severe attack almost everywhere. Chief among these is the doctrine that Jesus was God incarnate. An essential element of this doctrine is that Jesus, in the course of his earthly ministry, clearly identified himself with the LORD. In short, he personally confirmed that he was God incarnate. This doctrine must be fully understood and faithfully communicated by all believers. Unfortunately, many are failing to do this. One well-known discernment ministry, Lighthouse Trails, has even issued a tract on this topic which is so seriously flawed that it ought to be withdrawn. This paper explains why. [Posted 24/04/2016]


Reiki, the Occult, and Psychic Attack
The extent to which New Age practices are becoming acceptable, even commonplace, within society is a matter of great concern. They are touted as "new" but are actually old-fashioned pagan beliefs dressed up in glitzy new clothes. Reiki is a prime example of this. Masquerading as a healing modality, it is really a way of exposing members of the public to the sinister influence of 'spirit guides'. As such it is both occult and dangerous. Have nothing to do with it. This paper explains why. [Posted 10/04/2016]


Solid Scriptural Proof of a Pre-tribulation Rapture
The doctrine of a Pre-tribulation Rapture is coming under intense attack from several quarters and is likely to be assailed with even greater vigor in the years ahead. The architects of the coming One World religion despise it and want it abolished. The recent DVD by Good Faith Ministries - Left Behind or Led Astray? - is part of this co-ordinated attack. Readers are invited to explore the startling evidence in this paper that the Bible most definitely teaches a Pre-tribulation Rapture. [Posted 27/03/2016]  
The Hounds of Hell:
Two Potentially Fatal Threats to US Security
This paper examines the dual threat posed by the fragility of two systems that are essential to the well-being of the US, its nationwide banking network and its highly integrated electrical Grid. The Grid is far more vulnerable to terrorist attack than is generally realized, as official reports reveal. [Posted 29/02/2016]

The So-called International Space Station
This paper examines the recent 'black sky' comment by the latest member of the crew of the International Space Station. Increasingly we are seeing authoritative pronounce-ments by scientific institutions and their representatives that conflict in very fundamental ways with Biblical truth. Christians need to be aware of the extent to which the Enemy is doing this, both to undermine the veracity of Scripture and to draw more victims into his  beguiling, New Age version of reality.  [Posted 24/12/2015]

The Marxist Pope and UN Agenda 2030
The most public and detailed statement to date about the New World Order will be launched in New York by Pope Francis at a meeting of the General Assembly of the UN on September 24. The document is called 'Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development'. It will confer an exceptional range of powers on one or more global authorities which, between them, by availing of these powers, will be able to take control by stealth of independent sovereign nations. Of course, it is not being sold as a blueprint for 'world government' but as a program to 'save the planet'. This paper explains the extent to which Marxist ideology, combined with the bogus science of 'climate change', is being used by the UN to establish a system of  world government. It also exposes the dark Marxist affiliations of the Roman Catholic leadership and its current Pope, Francis I. [Posted 21/09/2015]   

The Phoenix of the New World Order
There are strong indications that the New World Order will be launched very shortly. To be effective this 'launch' will need to embody a powerful emotional and political shock. It will also need to conform with the Illuminati symbolism of the Phoenix, which rises from the fire of its own ashes. This paper explains how these twin goals will likely be achieved. [Posted 03/09/2015] 

Why Explosive Nuclear Devices May Not Exist
The architects of the New World Order have the same spiritual attributes as their father, Satan. They use fear, lies, deception, coercion, murder and similar means to advance their cause. Fear is an important weapon in their arsenal since a frightened victim is far easier to control and manipulate than a confident one. There is compelling evidence to indicate that explosive nuclear devices -- the very foundation on which the Cold War was built -- do not actually exist. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were almost certainly destroyed by conventional weapons. This paper explains the background. The widespread belief that a devastating, world-destroying super-weapon was now being produced on an epic scale led directly to a general acceptance that a one-world solution was needed to avoid 'mutually assured destruction'. The United Nations was established in 1945 and has since become the prototype and driving force for a One World Government. The coming devastation will likely be attributed in part to the destructive power of nuclear weapons, but will actually be caused by other means, such as vacuum bombs and kinetic projectiles fired from the upper atmosphere.
[Posted 31/08/2015]

Interview on Irish Radio, 5 August 2015
In this interview, Robert Pye, a former employee of the Department of Finance in Dublin, gives a candid account of the Irish banking crisis and the causes behind it. He also discusses the New World Order and the steps being taken to create chaos in the global financial markets. The interview also touches on the Irish referendum of 22 May 2015, the global persecution of Christians, Islamic terrorism and the threat to the southern border of the US, the EU 'Bail-in' Directive, the exploitation of Greece by the Globalists, and the new Spanish law to criminalize anyone who protests publicly against the Spanish government. [Posted 06/08/2015]
Sorcery, Marxism, and Central America
We have constantly striven on this website to alert readers to the dangers of witchcraft and humanism, respectively. In both Mexico and El Salvador these happen to be the dominant spiritual and socio-political philosophies. Despite the presence of such neighbors - whose territory may be used by her enemies to compromise her sovereignty - the US remains inexplicably complacent. [Posted 03/08/2015]

Strange Signs, John the Baptist, and
the New World Order
Christians are encouraged to keep a close eye on world events. While we need to track the more obvious indicators  (political, economic, and military) we cannot afford to ignore those which are less dramatic but just as informative. This paper examines the role that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have in the coming year and the significance of a recent Illuminati ritual in Berlin.
[Posted 28/06/2015]

The Coming Implosion of the World Banking System
Most people trust the experts, but economic shocks are proof that the majority of experts get it seriously wrong from time to time. The word  'shock' is a giveaway. The four key facts set out in this paper - which are not difficult to verify - show that the world economy is about to enter a prolonged period of serious instability. Through an examination of these four key facts we adduce ample proof that the coming turmoil has been carefully planned, all with a view to imposing a New World Order. [Posted 22/06/2015]

The Annual Oscar Ceremony re-enacts
an Ancient Egyptian Festival

Christians everywhere should know by now that everything that comes out of Hollywood is laden with poison of one kind or another. Much of the propaganda for Satan's war on Christianity is produced in Hollywood, and virtually everyone of influence in the movie industry is affiliated in some way with the occult, witchcraft, a New Age movement, or a pagan religion. This paper shows how the annual Academy Awards are actually a reenactment of a religious festival from ancient Egypt, and the famous Oscar statuette is actually a representation of the tripartite god Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. [Posted 12/06/2015]

The Globalist Plan for the US and the Middle East
In 2006 an American military journal published a map that predicted much of what we are seeing today in the Middle East. The map seems to be a blueprint for change across a vast area. Meanwhile the forthcoming Jade Helm exercise by the US military will be held in the same southern states that we identified in an earlier paper. Truly born-again Christians need to pay careful attention to what is happening. This paper shows how closely these changes accord with Bible prophecy and form a pattern of events leading to the End Time. [Posted 19/05/2015]

Homosexuality: Ireland is on the Brink of
a Spiritual Catastrophe

A few decades ago Ireland was one of the most morally conservative countries in the world. Today it is one of the most radical. On 22 May, the country will hold a Referendum to decide whether or not to amend the Constitution to include the recognition of 'marriage' between couples of the same sex. Polls strongly suggest that the proposal will be approved. Sadly, the people of Ireland are sleepwalking into a spiritual catastrophe. Somehow they imagine they have the right to change the natural order that God has instituted. Their deplorable political and religious leaders have chosen to ignore the awful spiritual consequences of such hubris. Much is expected of those who are blessed with a knowledge of God's righteous laws.  The Irish seem to have forgotten that He will judge wanton disobedience. [Posted 01/05/2015]

The Jesuit-controlled ET Deception is
Rapidly Taking Shape

There are strong indications that the global elite intend to deceive the masses into believing that extraterrestrials have made contact with Earth. Such an announcement would have major implications for religious belief. This paper examines a recent book by two Jesuits which goes to great lengths to convince readers that ETs really exist and that they may even be as 'Christian' as believers on earth. The book, 'Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?' is part of this coming deception and teaches a type of cosmic pantheism that poses a great threat to traditional Biblical Christianity. [Posted 21/10/2014]

Babylonian London, Nimrod, and
the Secret War Against God

This lengthy paper sets out the results of a detailed analysis of the monuments of London. They ought to be of great concern to all sincere Christians since they give tangible proof of the 'conspiracy' that has been under way for some time to destroy true Biblical Christianity and replace it with a one-world religion. The paper shows that London has been designed as a kind of open-air temple to the gods of ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylon. The chief 'god' that the ruling elite worship is the Babylonian Nimrod, whom they equate with the coming 'god-man', whom Christians call the Antichrist.

The Asherim of London -- obelisks, spires, columns and towers -- are organized to form astrological star patterns, solar wheels, a planetary model, and tributes to the pagan gods of the ancient world. Once one understands the 'language' behind these monuments, their blasphemous nature becomes immediately apparent. Our analysis shows that the dark character of 'Babylonian London' has intensified in recent years, to the point where monuments are now being erected to 'gods' who figure prominently in the occult and magic, such as Isis and Seth.
[Posted 14/06/2014]

US Dollar Collapse
There are strong signs that a date has been set for a planned correction of the massive capital imbalances that have built up in the world financial system. The US dollar has been under intense strain for several years and has been kept afloat only by radical (and unsustainable) intervention. This paper gives compelling evidence that the Global Elite have set a specific date for this correction to take place. [Posted 14/01/2014]

Four interviews on Irish radio about
the New World Order

The author of this website has given four interviews on an Irish radio station about the New World Order and the appalling danger that it poses both to traditional Biblical Christianity and to the well-being of western democracy. The latest interview addresses such issues as the power of the Global Elite, the Marxist control of Europe, the coming collapse of the US dollar, the role of Israel in God's plan, and the second coming of Christ. The interviews took place on 9 March 2009, 18 February 2011, 12 January 2012, and
9 January 2014. Click here to listen. [Posted 10/01/2014]

The Marxist War Machine is Moving into High Gear
Our parents were very familiar with the awful threat that Communism poses to Christianity and the existing world order. Alas the masses today are oblivious to this threat. Under the seemingly benign guise of socialism, pluralism, globalization, and multiculturalism, it has infiltrated nearly all western democracies and is busily setting the stage for the violent events that will usher in the so-called New World Order. The German Illuminati recently flashed a message - for those who care to see - which spells out the future that they envisage for America, where Marxists exercise despotic control over all aspects of life and freedom as we know it has come to an end. [Posted 01/08/2013]

Barack Obama and his Hindu Guru
President Obama claims to be a Christian, but this is a front. The evidence set out in this paper proves that he is really a Hindu and that his guru is the head of the worldwide Kriya Yoga movement, Paramahamsa Prajnanananda. He is also a firm believer in the Goddess and the blessings that her veneration will bring to devotees. In reality, Obama hates traditional Biblical Christianity and is a key player in the secret movement to undermine and destroy it.
[Posted 16/07/2013]

Gog, Google, Gold and the Goddess
Blasphemy has been a central feature of witchcraft for thousands of years. The Marxist-Illuminati cabal who control this world like to blaspheme the LORD God of the Bible and to cunningly involve the unsuspecting public in this wicked activity. This paper gives many high profile examples of this, including a blasphemous invocation concealed in the name 'Barack Obama'.
[Posted 08/07/2013]

Pieces in the Globalist Jigsaw
As with any box of jigsaw pieces, if the lid is missing then we don't know "what it is" until a large portion of the jigsaw has been assembled. The Marxist-Illuminati cabal has put so many pieces of its globalist jigsaw in place that even a casual observer should now be able to see that something truly sinister is emerging. This paper identifies sixteen pieces in the jigsaw and how they fit together.
[Posted 25/06/2013]

Witchcraft and Satanism in Hollywood
Hollywood is content to appear decadent and immoral because the truth, if it were known, is much more disturbing. The people who run Hollywood are active practitioners of the occult. While it may hide behind a fa├žade of atheism, Hollywood is one of the most religious places on earth. However the 'god' that these people worship is not our wonderful Creator, but the Horned One, Lucifer. In recent years they have become so arrogant that they dare on occasion to broadcast their satanic beliefs in an undisguised manner. This paper highlights the extent to which this is now happening. [Posted 03/06/2013]

The 'Externalization' of the Fallen Angelic Hierarchy
Few Christians today seem to recognize the dramatic link between developments on the world stage and End Time prophecy. They forget that Satan is following a Plan. The significance of what is happening would be easier to understand if one knew the main features of his Plan. Fortunately, these can be deduced, at least in part, from history, from Scripture, and from the occult writings that the Elite appear to regard as their 'scripture'. This paper examines the Plan and its impact on world events. [Posted 24/05/2013]

Same Sex 'Marriage' -
Our Insane Society Needs to Wake Up

The Irish Constitution is currently under review and submissions were sought from members of the public on a range of issues, including same-sex 'marriage'. It is a mark of the moral collapse of nominally Christian countries such as Ireland that this deplorable prospect can even be considered. This submission to the Convention on the Constitution highlights the moral insanity that now pervades our society. It also draws attention to the Marxist/Humanist agenda that is being pursued by the Irish government and the determination of its members - some of whom had links with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - to destroy the moral fabric of Irish society and prepare it for servile membership of the coming New World Order.
[Posted 28/03/2013]

The British Campaign of Blasphemy
against Christ and the Cross

For several decades the ruling elite in the UK has been steadily undermining Christianity and traditional Christian values by a variety of means. This campaign has now moved into a higher gear, with several outrageously blasphemous attacks on the person of Christ and his sacrifice on the Cross. [Warning: The images shown in this paper, which are for illustrative purposes only, are very disturbing.] [Posted 16/06/2012]

Judgment Pending
While the prophet Jeremiah was speaking only of ancient Judea, and not America in any prophetic sense, his assessment of her spiritual condition was remarkably similar to that of the USA today. In fact the similarities are shocking. And when one bears in mind that the LORD saw fit to utterly destroy Jerusalem in 586 BC - as punishment for her transgressions - we must consider very seriously the prospect that a similar judgment is about to befall America and her backslidden people. [Posted 06/06/2012]

Freemasonry and the Queen of England
The British royal family has long pretended to be Christian, or at least sympathetic to the traditional values of Christianity. However, an analysis of the annual Christmas Messages broadcast by the Queen since 1953 prove conclusively that she is definitely not a Christian but a strong advocate of Freemasonry. From the evidence - her own words - it is obvious that she rejects the deity of Christ and espouses the ideals of Freemasonry and its unbiblical gnostic philosophy. Christians need to consider the implications of this very carefully since it is a clear sign that the powerful elite who control Europe and America are following a very specific, anti-Christian agenda.
[Posted 09/05/2012]

Major Step by the Vatican to Create
a One World Religion

Most Roman Catholics are unaware of what their leaders in the Vatican are planning in their name. As one of the most powerful organisations in the world today, the Roman Catholic Church is moving toward the creation by stealth of a One World Government. Its influence would then be such that it could impose its religious beliefs on others and even carry out forced conversions. This paper examines the serious threat posed to true Biblical Christianity by this sinister strategy and focuses in particular on a recent Vatican paper in which details of its plan for World Government were clearly set out. [Posted 10/11/2011]

The Poisoning of Our Skies
Even though our skies are criss-crossed weekly, and sometimes daily, with fine white lines of 'cloud', few members of the public are bothering to question this unusual phenomenon. The 'cloud' is actually a fine chemical spray distributed by aircraft commissioned specifically for this purpose. Why are our skies being sprayed in this manner, why is it being done without any official explanation, and what substances are being sprayed? There is mounting evidence internationally that the spray (or chemtrail) is injurious to human health and harmful to the environment. Law-abiding citizens everywhere ought to be very concerned by this ongoing covert operation. [Posted 16/6/2011]

Psalm 83 and the Survival of Israel
Many of the Biblical prophecies which have yet to be fulfilled relate to Israel and its survival. This paper examines the importance of Psalm 83 in the context of current developments in the Middle East and, in particular, the spiritual context in which they are happening.
[Posted 12/5/2011]

The Japanese Earthquake and the Ring of Fire
The mainstream media never refer to the existence of earthquake-generating technology. A patent for such a device was filed with the US Patents Office in 1985, and a former US Secretary for Defense referred to the existence of such technology. So is it being used? And if so, by whom, against whom, and for what purpose? Much of what is happening in the world today cannot be understood until one sees the dark agenda behind many seemingly natural and accidental events. The Japanese earthquake of 11 March 2011 could conceivably be part of this sinister agenda. If it is, then the sequence of devastating earth-quakes around the Pacific rim over the past few years - Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Japan - would suggest that the west coast of North America is next. It is important that all born-again Christians take stock of these developments and seek guidance through prayer and scripture. [Posted 14/3/2011]

Two remarkable videos on YouTube
The Internet continues to be the only reliable source of hard information about current events and the forces behind them, provided one exercises due care and discernment. Here are links to two unusually frank revelations about the Illuminati-Communist programme. The first is an interview with a former KGB agent who explains how their strategy of 'demoralisation' has been used to such powerful effect in the US and elsewhere. The interview took place in the early 1980s, so events thereafter only serve to underscore the extraordinary accuracy of his pronouncements. The second is the official video-recording by the House of Lords of a 15-minute speech in the House on 1 November 2010 by Lord James of Blackheath. It gives a disturbing insight into the way the Illuminati control the world from behind the scenes. Clearly, in his haste to chastise his critics, Lord James said a good deal more than is normally considered prudent in such a setting. He gave advance notice of the social and political turmoil that was about to explode across North Africa. He even gave high-level confirmation of the colossal quantity of gold bullion that is secretly owned by the Vatican - yet another major player in the subversive strategy to bring about a New World Order.

[Update: The link to the Lord James video on YouTube is now dead (censored). It may still be possible to locate it elsewhere on the Internet by typing 'lord james blackheath november 1 2010' into your search engine. It should also be possible to locate the text of his presentation on the House of Lords archive (Hansard).]

These two videos should prove eye-opening for anyone who still has a hard time accepting that a truly malign, totalitarian regime is at work in our modern world:

            Interview with a KGB defector

            Speech by Lord James of Blackheath,
            1 November 2010 [
link dead]

Understanding the Illuminati Mindset
This paper explores the Illuminati mindset and why they hold to their twisted philosophy. In doing so it reveals why most people are unable to believe that such a group exists or, if it does, that the goals it is pursuing can be so destructive. The paper also highlights a superb 3-hour video presentation on YouTube.

Proof of a Conspiracy - Globalists Speak Openly
A surprisingly large number of intelligent, well-informed people dismiss the existence of an international plan to create a centralised World Government run along totalitarian lines. If you have such doubts then the information given in this paper should help to dispel them. Using numerous published quotations by leading members of the Globalist cabal, it shows the rationale behind the plan, how it is organised and funded, and just how far it has advanced. And if you already accept that such a plan exists and want to present a convincing case to sceptical friends, then this paper may help you to open their eyes.

The 'Blackjack' Nuclear Warning
in the UK Telegraph Newspaper

The staid establishment British newspaper, The Telegraph, ran a very disturbing comic strip in January 2009 in which a series of nuclear devices were detonated by terrorists in London and six N American cities, including New York and Washington DC. The strip could be taken merely as a bizarre piece of political fiction or as a brazen, no-holds-barred warning about the coming devastation. Given that the events depicted in the strip are fully consistent with the goals and methods of the Global Elite and their stated intention of creating a 'New World Order', its sinister message (or 'telegraph') should not be ignored. This paper reproduces most of the images used in the strip, with a set of explanatory comments.

The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Significance
(Yet Again) of April 19/20

The Gulf Oil Disaster, which threatens to cause devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, shows every sign of being deliberate. The official response to the crisis has been appalling. This paper shows how the key date - April 19/20 - makes yet another appearance. (See also the paper below titled The Role of April 19th in the Illuminati Plan.)

The Ark of the Covenant and the Eye of Horus
Most students of the sinister power exercised by the Illuminati, or Global Elite, are aware of the importance they attach to the Eye of Horus symbol, especially when it is enclosed in a pyramid or triangle. But few are aware of its connection with the Ark of the Covenant and the incredibly blasphemous nature of its message. This paper explains its hidden significance.

Israel, Islam and the Antichrist
A detailed summary of a book by Walid Shoebat, 'God's War on Terror.' Shoebat presents the view that the End Time armies, which the Antichrist will lead into Israel, will all be Islamic. He also argues that the Antichrist will be a Muslim and that Turkey will play a major role in organising the Islamic nations into the most powerful and most dangerous political entity on the planet. While this book is certainly compelling, it is based on a peculiar form of Biblical exegesis and offers an End Time scenario that fits too comfortably with what the Illuminati are trying to achieve in the Middle East. More reliable Biblical accounts of End Time prophecy may be found in The Footsteps of the Messiah by Arnold Fruchtenbaum, The Greatness of the Kingdom by Alva McClain, and Understanding End Times Prophecy by Paul Benware.

The Illuminati Plan for Social Change
This is an incredibly revealing transcript of a talk by a leading Illuminati insider, given in 1969, which sets out the broad New World Order plan for social change. The amount that has already been achieved is a clear demonstration that (a) the plan exists, (b) it is very advanced, and (c) the Illuminati intend to proceed with the remaining, as yet unrealized, elements of the plan. This is essential reading if you want to understand just how well organized this programme of change really is and how devastating it will be when fully implemented.

World War II: How a Global Elite
Controlled Both Sides

This paper may help anyone who is sceptical about the existence of the Illuminati (Global Elite) and the hugely destructive methods they are using to create a New World Order. A modest knowledge of history will help, but it's not essential. The paper ends with an explanation of the way Satan's goals and those of the Illuminati are inter-connected. You may find it useful to read 'A Study of Satan in History' (cited below) in association with this one.

Thirty Undeniable Signs of the End-Time
This paper sets out detailed evidence which indicates that we are in, or very close to, the End Time which the Bible warned us about. The paper gives 30 signs in all and describes how they accord with biblical prophecy. Further signs and related evidence could have been included, but the paper is designed to draw primarily on facts and events which most readers are already familiar with.

The Illuminati and Twelve Smirnoff Ads
It may seem almost humorous to think that the Global Elite like to signal their existence, as well as their intentions, from time to time, but in a coded manner. This is seemingly part of the ancient occult philosophy to which many of them subscribe. Taken in isolation, each of these Smirnoff ads may seem fairly innocuous, if slightly odd, but collectively they are telling a story. Since they appeared over a period of several years, the 'message' may not have been obvious to the general public. However, when considered collectively they would suggest that the Illuminati are planning something unusually nasty for the United States.

The Role of April 19th in the Illuminati Plan
This paper shows the statistically improbable role that 19th April has played at critical points in US history and the impact it is continuing to have. It also highlights the particular importance that the Illuminati attach to the star Orion. Remember, these people are not atheists. They have a religion and pursue it with a deadly passion.

Freemasonry in Ireland and the Dublin Occult Grid
Few Irish people are aware of the influence which Freemasonry has had, and continues to have, on the growth and development of their country. Furthermore, few are aware of the distinctly anti-Christian ethos which governs Freemasonry. This paper gives convincing evidence that Dublin is criss-crossed by an occult grid which the Masons put in place a few hundred years ago and which they continue to maintain and expand. [This paper is an edited version of a more detailed paper, previously published on this website - The Planned Destruction of Christianity in Ireland .]


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Contemporary 'Christian' Music
and True Christian Worship

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has dominated Christian worship for decades, and yet, even among discerning Christians, there is little general understanding of the damage it is doing. This paper looks in detail at CCM and the various musical techniques that have been used to disguise soft rock as 'worship music'. It also shows how CCM is being used to promote ecumenism, mysticism, and a phony, feel-good gospel. Of greatest concern, however, is the way CCM has destroyed the very foundation of Christian worship by taking something that belongs wholly to God and turning it into a revenue-generating entertainment industry. Scripture shows beyond all doubt that CCM is not a form of worship that it is acceptable to God and that its continued use will do immense harm to the church.  [Posted 09/02/2016]   

Let's Talk About Calvinism
Men have invented many ways to share the Gospel that are not scripturally correct. The Enemy too has a keen interest in formulations of the Gospel that serve only to disguise its true message. While traditional Calvinism had many great strengths, it taught a version of the Gospel which portrayed God in a very strange light. This paper points to a serious problem at the heart of Calvinism, a problem which is drawing the Presbyterian Church in America ever closer to Rome. [Posted 23/02/2016]      

Hatha Yoga, the Coiled Serpent,
and Undiscerning Christians

Many professing Christians have taken up Hatha yoga for health reasons. They believe it is possible to adopt the purely physical aspects of yoga without also accepting the philosophy behind it. This paper [which is also available as a flyer] shows why this assumption is wrong. All forms of yoga, including Hatha yoga, are built around the Hindu pantheistic worldview. Yoga is not just incompatible with Christianity, but hostile to it. Christians who take it up are being incredibly naive and risk exposing themselves to harmful supernatural influences. [For flyer, click here.]   [Posted 08/02/2016]

Our Two Greatest Weapons and
Satan's Efforts to Destroy Them

There is little awareness among the majority of believers of the steps being taken by the enemies of Christianity to distort the Bible and eliminate traditional Christian prayer. Since these are a believer's two greatest weapons they pose a great threat to Satan and the New World Order. This paper outlines the strategy being used to spiritually 'disarm' Christians. [Posted 20/01/2016]

Fatal Flaws in the Gap Theory
The Gap Theory claims that there was a lengthy passage of time between the events described in Genesis 1:1 and those described in 1:2. Far more Christian leaders subscribe to this theory than is generally known. But the theory is false. This paper examines the serious errors of interpretation that have been used to promote it. It also explains how the theory undermines the plain truth of Scripture, impugns the sovereignty of God, and opens the door to science fiction and New Age heresy.
[Posted 01/01/2016] 

New Study of the Tabernacle and the Offerings
This is a detailed study of the Tabernacle and the Offerings, with particular reference to the many ways the modern church has departed from the truths expressed in the Pentateuch - the first five books of the Bible. Many important doctrines in the New Testament cannot be understood correctly without a sound knowledge of the Tabernacle and the Offerings. [Please note that the study is still in draft form.] [Posted 01/01/2016] 

Speaking in Tongues -
Why the modern practice is unscriptural

Speaking in tongues is a greatly misunderstood phenomenon. The modern practice is both unscriptural and potentially harmful. This paper examines the subject in depth and shows how sincere Christians are violating the rules for tongue-speaking that are set down clearly in Scripture. [This is a revised version of a paper on the same subject which was published on this website in March, 2010.]  [Posted 20/11/2015]

Christ came Twice at his First Coming -
Facts about the Rapture

There is strong pressure within the professing Christian church today to reject a Pre-Tribulation Rapture on the erroneous grounds that it has weak scriptural support. As Bible-believing Christians, we must look at all times to what the Word of God actually says and not be swayed by fashionable trends or sceptical opinions. This paper shows how one of the strongest arguments for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture has apparently been overlooked. Christians need to reflect prayerfully on this important subject.
[Posted 27/10/2015]

The Dangers of Lectio Divina and
Catholic Contemplative Prayer

In 2005 the Pope (Benedict XVI) said the Catholic Church would continue to promote lectio divina, both in the traditional way and "through the use of new methods, carefully thought through and in step with the times." This ancient monastic technique is being marketed as a way both to study the Bible and to enter into the presence of God. In reality it is part of the carefully managed ecumenical agenda. The new world religion will draw heavily on mysticism, meditation (contemplation), and similar pagan practices to lure potential victims into its net. This paper explains the thinking behind this worldwide campaign, including the role played by the well-known book, Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.
[Posted 15/10/2015]

The Coming Persecution of Christians
Christians who truly love the LORD and are obedient to His holy Word will need to prepare themselves spiritually for the years ahead. Unless they understand what is happening - from a clear Biblical perspective - they may  lose the joy of their salvation and succumb to despair. This paper addresses the question at the heart of coming events. [Posted 08/09/2015]         

True Biblical Cosmology versus
Satan's Alternative Reality

There has long been a tendency, even among born-again believers, to view the great End-Time deception as something that pertains exclusively to the earthly mission of the Antichrist. We forget that a lot of advance preparation is needed to set the stage for his arrival and popular acceptance. This too must surely qualify as part of the great End-Time deception that Christ warned us about. This paper examines modern heliocentric cosmology -- which places the sun at the center of the so-called solar system -- and compares it with the cosmology described by God in His Word, in particular the Book of Genesis. Many readers will be shocked to see the extent to which Satan has deceived mankind. Even pastors and preachers who have long been faithful to God's Word and have 'seen it all' will likely be taken aback by the staggering contrast between the Biblical account of the universe and Satan's alternative reality. [Note: The PDF is easier to read at 125%.] [Posted 18/08/2015]
Humanism and the Irish Referendum
on Homosexual 'Marriage'

Increasingly we hear of people who just attended their first 'humanist' wedding or funeral, but few understand what humanism is really about. Drawing on the official principles of humanism, this paper reveals the intensely anti-Christian agenda that humanism is pursuing and the influence that it had on the recent constitutional referendum in Ireland which approved homosexual 'marriage'. [Posted 12/06/2015]

Israel and the Rise of 'Christian' Antisemitism
Many prophecies relating to the End Time are taking shape before our eyes. Alas, few Christian preachers and pastors seem to be interpreting these events as they should and instucting their flocks accordingly. Some are even hostile to Israel and her very existence. In this paper we examine the role of Israel in End Time prophecy, with particular reference to the rise of 'Christian' Antisemitism and the false teaching known as Replacement Theology. [Posted 27/03/2015]

Lighthouse Trails is providing a platform
for Roman Catholic theology

A discernment website that normally follows a clear Biblical line has just published a tract which is not fit for purpose. Since the subject is such a serious one - the deadly heresy of goddess worship in the Catholic church - we are taking the unusual step of asking that they withdraw the tract. [Posted 09/02/2015]

What will Jesus ask You at the Judgment Seat?
There is seemingly a large segment of the church today with little or no understanding of the Judgment Seat. Many seem to forget that even the saved are judged. Seldom do we hear any reference to the rewards and "crowns" that Christ will give to faithful believers. In this paper we examine the Scriptural basis for this End Time event and its implications in eternity for all believers.
[Posted 03/02/2015]

The Real Meaning of Salvation
There is a lot of confusion today, even among long-time believers, of the real meaning of salvation from a strictly Biblical perspective. In all there are eight terms which need to be properly understood if the power of the Gospel is to be conveyed in its fulness. The definitions in this paper, which should be read as a set, may be of assistance to readers who are keen to share the Gospel message more effectively. [Posted 24/01/2015] 

The LORD God of Israel is NOT the god
of the Koran

Increasingly, Christians are falling for the lie that the 'god' of the Koran is the LORD God of the Bible. This heretical belief is even being taught by the Roman Catholic church, and is being used to promote a false dialogue between Christianity and Islam known as "Chrislam". Born-again Christians ought to have a sufficient grounding in Scripture to know that Allah is a pagan god and has no connection whatever with the LORD God of Israel. This paper explains the nature of this heresy and the harm it is doing to evangelism, both east and west. The second part of the paper describes the mechanisms by which Islam controls its followers and welds them into a world-wide movement designed to destroy Christianity and Judaism.
[Posted 08/01/2015]

The Church of Rome Officially Condemns
All Born-again Christians

Few born-again Christians seem to be aware that they are under formal condemnation by Rome. The anathemas of the Council of Trent still apply to them. This means they could be subject at some future date to a punishment specified under Canon 1311 of the Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law. So, while millions of professing Christians are moving closer to Rome under the banner of Ecumenism, the jaws of a false religion are opening wide to receive them. [Posted 30/09/2014]

John MacArthur is Marching in Step with Rome
John MacArthur is one of the best known Bible teachers in the world today. His books have sold in the millions and his views are highly influential. However, in his book, The Slave, which was published in 2010, he revealed a side to his theology that is deeply disturbing. This paper examines the strange new gospel that Dr MacArthur propounds with great vigor in this book and shows just how sharply it conflicts with Scripture. It also reveals the extent to which his eccentric theology accords with the Ecumenical agenda that Rome is forcefully pursuing. Our analysis demonstrates that The Slave is a dangerous book with a false gospel message that will lead the unwary away from Christ and toward the coming One World Religion. [Posted 20/09/2014]

Christ Hates the Deeds and Doctrines
of the Nicolaitans

We cannot study the Book of Revelation without expanding our understanding of the times we are living in. In chapter two of that book, Christ referred twice to a group whose deeds and doctrines he hated (and still hates). That group is very active today within the church. Believers need to know who they are and why their subversive behavior will shortly lead to a major crisis in American society. [Posted 10/09/2014]

Beware of the False Antichrist and
a False Rapture

The Lord warned that, as the End Time drew closer, we should "Watch!" and not be deceived. This paper discusses the possibility of both a False Antichrist and a False Rapture. While certainly a perplexing topic, it is one which in our opinion all students of Bible prophecy should earnestly consider. The paper shows the considerable impact that such a deception would have and the potent blend of fear and confusion it would cause. The Enemy could exploit this handsomely for his own purpose, to strengthen the hand of the False Prophet and to convince the world that the man who defeats the False Antichrist is the true Messiah. [Posted 10/07/2014]

'Great Words of the Gospel' by H A Ironside
This book is being made available here for the first time as a free e-book for downloading (Another version on the Internet has many errors and omissions). It has been thoroughly checked and proofed against the original, which was published in 1944. Harry Ironside published many outstanding expository works, and had both a great knowledge of the Scriptures and a remarkable gift for explaining them clearly and concisely. This short work (about 90 pages or so) is ideal for new believers, as well as a witnessing tool for sincere enquirers. Many long-time believers would also benefit from a careful reading of this work since it expounds upon truths of immense importance to all who sincerely want to reach out to the lost. [Posted 23/06/2014]

Chuck Missler and the Curse of
New Age Christianity

The coming One World Religion is being created through the gradual synthesis of existing Christian organizations and groups. This process includes the introduction of New Age ideas in a Christianized form and the subsequent reinterpretation of traditional Biblical doctrines. One of the leaders in this global program of subversion is Chuck Missler who for years has portrayed himself as a champion of traditional Evangelical Christianity. This paper exposes the methods he is using and the alarming implications of his New Age beliefs. [Posted 07/02/2014]

The Great Nephilim Deception
More and more Christians are being tricked into believing in ETs and UFOs. This would appear to be a prelude to a much larger program of deception, the ultimate aim of which is to destroy faith in the Bible and lure millions of confused Christians into the coming One World Church. The Nephilim Theory claims that, in ancient times, demons mated with human females and produced sinister hybrids that could pose a threat to humanity in the End Time. One of the most prominent champions of this bizarre theory is Chuck Missler, who trades shamelessly on his reputation for Biblical orthodoxy. This paper explains the nature and purpose of this deception and why the architects of the New World Order are so keen to exploit it. [Posted 04/12/2013]

'Communication' with Departed Loved Ones
is Forbidden in Scripture

There was a time when Bible-believing Christians understood and lived by the strict Biblical prohibition against trying to contact departed loved ones. They knew both why it was wrong and the harm it would do. Alas, many professing Christians today have lost this understanding and are violating God's Word by seeking out signs and dreams from departed loved ones. The book 'Have Heart' is a disturbing example of this trend. This paper explores the arguments made by those who endorse this deplorable practice, known as necromancy, and the way the Enemy is using it to draw the church further into apostasy. [Posted 14/11/2013]

The New Apostolic Reformation
is a Pseudo-Christian Cult

The church today has been infiltrated by so many bizarre and aberrant beliefs that it is becoming necessary to sort them into categories. As it happens, a great many false teachings have now coalesced under the umbrella of an international movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Among its leading spokesmen are C Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs and Rick Joyner. The NAR is a complex web of wacky beliefs, aberrant teachings and downright heresy. Our paper gives ample proof that this popular movement is actually a pseudo-Christian cult.
[Posted 11/11/2013]

The Jesus Calling Books are an
Alarming New Age Deception

Millions of copies of the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young have been sold to date. It was the best-selling 'Christian' book of 2012. Many so-called evangelical leaders are urging their churches to read it. And yet it is an appalling travesty of Biblical truth. This paper examines the evidence and shows just how far 'Christian' publishing has departed from the traditional gospel message. The publication of Jesus Calling marks a new phase in the collapse of the evangelical church. [Posted 01/10/2013]

Satan in Satin: Why the Apparitions of Mary
are Demonic Counterfeits

A One World religion needs a focal doctrine on which people of all religions can agree. It also needs a series of supernatural signs to demonstrate that this universally accepted doctrine is approved by God. The Marian apparitions fulfil both requirements. They are gradually preparing the ground for a declaration by Rome that Mary is a Co-Redemptrix, a female saviour of mankind. This paper reveals the awful implications of this deception, the cunning way it is being implemented, and why all true Christians need to understand it thoroughly.
[Posted 04/09/2013]

The Walk to Emmaus Weekend is
Yet Another Ecumenical Trap

Many born-again Christians are being tricked into attending a so-called Christian weekend retreat known as 'The Walk to Emmaus'. This event and its follow-up program is actually part of the ecumenical agenda of the Roman Catholic church. It is designed to teach a Roman Catholic version of 'christianity' to Bible-believing Christians. Unfortunately discernment among the latter is such that this deception is bearing results. This paper exposes the real nature of this tightly controlled event, the secretive culture that surrounds it, and the cult-like techniques that it uses to program participants.
[Posted 05/04/2013]

A Pyramid of Lies - How the Wolf Pack
is Attacking True Christianity

True Biblical Christianity is under attack worldwide. This paper examines the main lies and false teachings that are being used to undermine the Evangelical faith and create a global ecumenical version of 'Christianity' that has no power to save anyone. The main lies - eleven in all - have been introduced in a systematic way, seemingly with a view to enhancing their chances of being accepted. Since most Bible-believing Christians today would appear to have succumbed to some of these false teachings, the dark strategy behind the Pyramid of Lies is proving successful. Christians everywhere need to recognize and understand the deadly weapons that the Enemy is using to destroy the church. They also need to understand just how much damage has been done already and how little time is left before the rate of decay becomes unstoppable.
[Posted 09/03/2013]

The Stained Glass Curtain Deception
The Ecumenical Movement is doing everything it can to bring Catholics and Evangelicals together. Churches affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation are strongly promoting a book by a Roman Catholic priest, Fr Dimitri Sala, which purports to prove that Rome teaches 'born-again' salvation. This paper shows that Fr Sala's book, The Stained Glass Curtain, completely misrepresents the official Catholic position and is a shameless attempt to manufacture a common basis of salvation for Catholics and Evangelicals. The book is unadulterated nonsense and only serves to highlight just how determined Rome is to lure Evangelicals into the Papal fold.
[Posted 15/11/2012]

Christianity Today is a Mouthpiece
for the Roman Catholic Church

'Christianity Today', published in the US, is one of the most popular Christian magazines in the world. It is supposed to be Evangelical and professes to advocate true Biblical Christianity, but the facts show otherwise. This report reveals how, issue after issue, for over 20 years, the magazine has sought to undermine the work of the Reformation and lure Evangelicals back into the Roman fold. It is shamelessly Ecumenical and endorses a wide range of apostate New Age teachers, preachers and charlatans. If you have doubts about the covert strategy that Rome is using to undermine and destroy true Biblical Christianity, then read this report. [Posted 25/10/2012]

Prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit
is Unscriptural

Most Christians do not seem to understand that prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit is unscriptural. It can even lead to New Age heresy and serious spiritual confusion. The Roman Catholic church is using the 'Come, Holy Spirit' invocation to lure true Bible-believing churches into the snare of Rome. Indeed,the Charismatic movement has been developed mainly for that purpose. Christians need to have a very clear understanding that the Holy Spirit is not a force or a fluid or a substance, but a Person. Otherwise they risk falling into a range of dangerous traps and heresies. [Posted 25/08/2012]

A Prophetic Dream in The Harbinger
is Suspiciously Masonic
The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn purports to be a prophetic work, but the more one examines it, the more Masonic it gets. This paper shows how a prophetic dream in The Harbinger, which is meant to be Christian, is strangely similar to a dream by the Civil War General, George McClellan, which has special significance in Freemasonry. [Posted 30/06/2012]

The Harbinger is both Unscriptural
and Nonsensical

The Harbinger, by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, which was published in January 2012, has become a bestseller in the US. Many Christian leaders have endorsed it and the author is receiving high-profile coverage in the media. But the book is a minefield, a muddled fictional work that tries to present its speculative conclusions as proven fact. This paper shows why The Harbinger is both unscriptural and nonsensical, and may even lend credibility to a worldview that conflicts with Christianity.
[Posted 29/06/2012]

The Apostles' Creed -
A Dangerous Ecumenical Deception

The traditional prayer known as the Apostles' Creed is a very loose profession of Christian faith. The Ecumenical Movement is exploiting this looseness and ambiguity to produce a short statement of basic Christian doctrine which can be adopted by virtually any Christian denomination. Their goal is to establish a global 'Christian' church with the Pope at its head. However, born-again Christians need to realize that this is a dreadful deception and that, despite its antiquity and seeming simplicity, the Apostles' Creed is full of doctrinal errors.
[Posted 10/04/2012]

The Shameless Fraud known as
Darwinian Evolution

Darwinian Evolution is without doubt the greatest scientific fraud of all time. Designed and marketed by British atheists and Freemasons, it is a cynical pseudo-science that utilises all kinds of logical tricks and fallacious reasoning to deceive the public. This paper explains how the fraud is being carried out and who is behind it. All Christians need to understand that Evolution is a bundle of well-packaged lies and a crime against humanity. It is orchestrated by people who hate Christianity and are determined to destroy it. [Posted 17/03/2012]

The Commitment to Israel by the
Pre-incarnate Christ

Anti-Semitism is on the increase again around the world. Christians need to have a clear understanding of God's relationship with his Chosen People and his plan for them in the coming years, as set out in Scripture. In his pre-incarnate form, Christ told the tribes of Israel that he would never break his covenant with them. This paper explores the background to this commitment and its implications for future world events. [Posted 15/03/2012]

Replacement Theology is one
of Satan's Greatest Lies

Replacement Theology, which is accepted by most branches of mainstream Christianity, is the view that the church has replaced Israel. Despite its widespread acceptance, this doctrine is actually false. A careful examination of scripture shows that it is full of contradictions and in serious conflict with the promises that the LORD made to Israel in the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants. This paper reveals the true nature of Replacement Theology, its dark purpose, and the many reasons why born-again Christians should reject it utterly. [Posted 17/12/2011]

An Explosive Document by the
Roman Catholic Church

Ecumenism is promoted heavily by the Vatican as a means of attracting Protestants and other branches of Christianity into the Roman Catholic fold. In order to do this successfully, she must project a kindly, non-  threatening persona. However, one occasionally comes across a document which reveals the real face behind the mask. And this is such a document, a truly jaw-dropping summary of what Rome really believes and what she really wants to achieve. Born-again Christians everywhere are invited to study this document carefully and come to a clear understanding of the awful threat that Ecumenism poses to true Bible-based Christianity.
[Posted 18/11/2011]

The True Biblical Jesus and the
False Jesus of Vatican Theology

If one takes the time to examine the Bible and come to a clear understanding of Christ (as every Christian ought to do), one is struck by the huge contradiction between the true Biblical Jesus and the counterfeit version taught by Vatican theology. The first is true and the second false; the first is our saviour and high priest, the second a misleading imitation with no power to save. Consider the evidence set out in this paper and decide for yourself.
[Posted 16/6/2011]

The New Age Movement is Designed
to Destroy Biblical Christianity

Despite its sweet, tolerant exterior, the New Age movement is a dangerous deception. The many different cults and 'new religious movements', which seem to have sprung up spontaneously and in an unrelated way, are actually part of a long-term plan to destroy Christianity. The real face behind the so-called angelic light of the New Age is Lucifer, the Light Bearer. This paper gives detailed information about the New Age by a former New Age practitioner. It exposes the lie and sounds a loud warning to all who are involved in New Age practices of any kind. [Posted 12/4/2011]

The Emerging Church Movement is a
Corruption of Christianity

The basic teachings of Christianity are being eroded by the seemingly well-meaning pastors and theologians who are embracing the tenets of what is often called the Emerging Church movement. This paper examines the modus operandi of the Emerging Church, its false cotton-wool gospel, and the threat it poses to true biblical Christianity. Ideally it should be read in conjunction with the New Age paper posted on 12/4/2011, which includes a table showing the remarkable parallels between the tenets of the Emerging Church and those of the New Age.
[Posted 12/4/2011]

What does it mean to be 'Born Again'?
This short paper describes what a Christian means when he says he has been born again. It is suitable as an explanatory brochure/flyer for friends and acquaintances who may be enquiring about true Biblical Christianity. It may also help born-again Christians explain more clearly what they experienced when they were born again. [Posted 3/3/2011]

The Masonic Subversion of the Catholic Church
Piers Compton published a startling book, The Broken Cross, in 1983, which exposed the alarming extent to which the Masons had taken over the Vatican. He was forced to withdraw the book after only six weeks. The attached copy is supported by extensive photographic evidence. If you are a Catholic, please take the time to weigh his arguments and draw your own conclusions.

Proof that C S Lewis was a Pagan
and not a born-again Christian

Millions of Christians the world over cling to the mistaken belief that C S Lewis was a born-again Christian and a great apologist for true Christianity. This paper shows that, not only was he not a born-again Christian, but he held numerous beliefs which were blatantly New Age and occult. Using his own words, we show that Lewis was a wolf in sheep's clothing, a first class purveyor of mischief, confusion and apostasy.

Beware of the False Theology of
the Purpose Driven Church

This paper gives a very critical analysis of the 'theology' touted by the popular author, Rick Warren. His Purpose Driven Church is leading millions astray with its hollow, pop-psychology gospel and its astonishing disregard for the Word of God. Many sincere Christians look to Warren for direction, not realizing that his teachings are really a carefully crafted counterfeit of what the LORD intended for our benefit.

Two Biblical Prophecies foretold the
Foundation of Israel in 1948

A fascinating analysis of two Biblical prophecies - one in Daniel and one in Ezekiel - which foretold the year in which the modern state of Israel would be founded. They draw upon the work of two authors, David Flynn and David Brennan, and highlight the extraordinary connection between their interpretations. If you are not yet convinced that the LORD has very definite plans for the future of Israel, then please read this analysis. It is eye-opening.

Review of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
There is much confusion about the true nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Illuminati are now turning their global propaganda machine into high gear, with Israel portrayed universally as the 'bad guy'. Turkey has now been added to the long list of countries determined to subjugate and, if possible, destroy this tiny country. All Christians need to be familiar with the recent history of Israel if they are to understand how it fits into God's overall plan and where this plan is leading. Even though the Illuminati had a major role in the creation of Israel, ultimately they are not the ones in control. God is still sovereign. He is still in command. We will need to remind ourselves many times of this basic truth during the coming turmoil.

Why Ecumenism is Dangerous for
Born-again Christians

From time to time we come across an article which "hits the nail on the head." The attached sermon by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the famous English evangelist, is one such article. In it he tries to alert born-again Christians to the dangers of ecumenism. He shows how the Roman Catholic Church is so heavily infected with apostasy that any attempt to compromise with its doctrines will do untold damage to Bible-based Protestantism. A stirring paper.

Eternal Security / Unconditional Assurance
Many Christians misunderstand the doctrine of Eternal Security, the Biblical principle enshrined in Romans 8:16: "The Spirit beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." Once your Father has adopted you, you can never be disowned. You are His child forever, even if you wander far from His precepts. The Catholic Church and certain Protestant denominations hold to the doctrine of Arminianism, which denies the principle of Eternal Security. They hold that it is possible for a person who has been saved to later lose his salvation. But this imposes qualifications on the sufficiency of what Christ achieved for us on the Cross. It also flies in the face of numerous scriptural passages which assert unequivocally that, at the moment of salvation, we are changed forever. If you are unsure about the wonderful gift which Christ has given us, please read this paper.

Why the King James Bible is by far the Best
This paper uses countless examples to show how the numerous modern translations of the Bible into English are seriously flawed and, furthermore, that many of these flaws are deliberate. One of the worst offenders is the NIV (New International Version), which systematically skews and undermines many key tenets of Christianity. The most reliable translation of the Bible into English is the King James Version (KJV) of 1611. To download a copy of the KJV onto your hard disk go to Printable version of the King James Bible. To obtain an MP3 version (to play in your car, while out walking etc), go to Audio version of the King James Bible. You will be amazed how wonderful it is to just listen to the word of God.

The Dangers of Marian Worship
Few Catholics today are aware of the dangers posed by Marian worship or veneration of the Virgin Mary. This study explores these dangers and why they exist. If you are a Catholic and believe these dangers are exaggerated, then read this study. It explains the true nature of Marian worship and why we are obliged by scripture to avoid it. The study also explores why Jesus said that, on the day of judgement, he would reject many self-professed Christians. Who exactly was he referring to and why would he reject them? If these issues concern you, then read this paper.

Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
                "The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly"
                                                         - Zephaniah 1:14