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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
We   are   keen   to   raise   awareness   generally   of   the   dangers   posed   by   the coming   New   World   Order   and   the   forces   behind   it   -   and   to   do   so   from a born-again Christian perspective. The   accent   throughout   is   on   verifiable   facts,   namely   material   that   the reader   can   confirm   to   his   or   her   satisfaction   from   other   sources.   The site   tries   to   identify   and   describe   the   'big   picture'   and,   in   particular, how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible. Our   basic   premise   is   that   traditional   Bible-based   Christianity   is   under attack   in   a   systematic   and   often   insidious   way   in   all   parts   of   the   world today.   The   tragedy   is   that   most   Christians   do   not   seem   to   be   aware   of this.    Our    papers    are    designed    to    expose    this    strategy,    the    people behind   it,   and   the   methods   they   are   using   to   undermine   and   destroy Christianity. Our   papers   were   accessed   about   700,000   times   in   the   8-year   period 2009-2016.   Readers   who   wish   to   download   several   papers   at   once may   do   so   by   going   to   the   Internet   Archive   website   (where   our   papers are grouped by year) and searching on the name 'Jeremy James.'
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - The British Crown is financing the killing of Irish Children The   Irish   media   continues   to   push   for   abortion-on-demand and   repeal   of   the   8th   Amendment.   In   doing   so   it   uses   every devious   and   deceitful   trick   it   can,   including   the   suppression   of information    that    would    expose    the    virulently    anti-Christian philosophy    of    the    ‘pro-choice’    brigade    and    the    extent    of foreign   interference   in   Irish   internal   affairs.   This   paper   gives the   background   to   a   recent   decision   by   the   British   government to cover the cost of abortions by Irish mothers. [Posted 21/07/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Babylonian London and the Secret of the Solar Barque Demons    never    die.    Few    Christians    seem    to    understand    the methods    that    the    Enemy    is    using    to    control    mankind.    The fallen   angels   are   exploiting   every   means   they   can   to   infiltrate more   deeply   into   the   structures   and   institutions   that   underpin western   society.   Their   task   is   made   considerably   easier   by   the deliberate    co-operation    of    the    small    but    highly    influential cabal   that   is   trying   to   bring   about   a   New   World   Order.   This paper    shows    how    the    gods    of    ancient    Egypt,    who    opposed Moses   and   defied   the   Living   God,   are   working   today   through the    English    ruling    elite    and    their    international    associates. [Posted 15/07/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Toxic Music or True Christian Worship? Believers   receive   great   spiritual   strength   from   true   Christian worship.   The   Bible   tells   us   how   to   worship   the   LORD   as   He intended,    but    few    churches    today    are    doing    this.    A    great source    of    strength    and    spiritual    blessing    is    being    lost    as    a result.   This   paper   examines   the   principles   of   true   Christian worship    and    highlights    the    damage    being    inflicted    on    the church     through     the     widespread     use     of     synthetic     music.       [Posted 26/06/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Burning Tower was a Planned Event Humanly   we   like   to   think   that   the   leaders   of   this   world   are basically     good,     albeit     deeply     flawed,     greedy,     and     self- important.   But   if   that   were   the   case   the   Enemy   would   have   a very   hard   time   deceiving   the   masses   and   luring   millions   into his   great   End   Time   delusion.   This   paper   examines   a   recent tragic    event    and    shows    how    it    could    not    possibly    have happened by accident.  [Posted 18/06/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Transgenders with Serpentine Necks The   wicked   transgender   agenda   is   endemic   in   society,   and   yet most   people   are   not   aware   of   its   existence.   This   paper   draws attention   to   a   physical   characteristic   which   is   very   rarely   found in natural women but which is becoming increasingly common among   MTF   transgenders,   namely   a   serpentine   or   elongated neck.   The   evidence   for   this   is   disturbing.   It   is   also   undeniable. Unless   true   Christians   understand   the   nature   and   extent   of this   agenda,   they   will   leave   the   Enemy   with   a   huge   strategic advantage in the invisible End Time war.  [Posted 08/06/2017]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Amélie , Stella , Saskia and Total Hypnosis The     professing     church     has     severely     underestimated     the wickedness,   cunning,   and   determination   of   the   Enemy.   While the    shepherds    sleep,    the    god    of    this    world    is    beguiling    the flock,   not   only   with   false   teachings   and   a   false   gospel,   but   with a    completely    false    sense    of    reality.    The    androgyne    agenda would   appear   to   have   a   central   role   in   all   of   this.   Just   like subjects    under    hypnosis,    Christians    are    failing    to    see    what ought   to   be   obvious.   Instead   of   challenging   and   exposing   this great   deception,   they   are   allowing   the   Enemy   to   enslave   the minds and hearts of their children. [Posted 05/06/2017]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - Karl Lagerfeld and ‘Female’ Beauty in the New World Order The   fashion   and   movie   industries   are   stealthily   changing   the paradigm   of   feminine   beauty.   It   is   now   no   longer   the   natural beauty   long   known   to   mankind,   but   the   androgynous   form developed    by    the    Enemy.    This    paper    examines    yet    another aspect   of   this   pernicious   attack   on   the   life-sustaining   natural order   established   by   God.   The   Ruling   Elite   are   waging   war against natural women and twisting the minds of our children. [Posted 28/05/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Another Hollow Critique of Romanism by Lighthouse Trails As   the   great   deception   accelerates   and   increasing   numbers   of professing   Christians   turn   to   the   false   gospel   of   Rome,   it   is vital   that   true   believers   understand   how   this   ‘falling   away’   is being   engineered.   The   latest   tract   from   Lighthouse   Trails   -   one of   the   better-known   discernment   ministries   -   deals   with   the life   of   the   Catholic   mystic,   Teresa   of   Avila.   However,   it   does   so in   such   a   shallow   and   misleading   manner   that   it   cannot   be considered   an   Evangelical   tract   in   any   meaningful   sense   and should be withdrawn.  [Posted 24/05/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Closet Androgynes are Redefining Our Insane Society The   wicked   transgender   agenda   is   undermining   the   spiritual fabric   of   Western   society.   We   are   now   at   the   stage   where   the public    is    being    conditioned    to    accept    the    androgynous    or transgender   state   as   normal.   This   is   doing   real   harm   to   our children,   causing   serious   sexual   confusion,   and   making   it   very difficult   for   them   to   find   suitable   partners   and   form   a   natural marital   bond.   This   paper   shows   how   this   sinister   conditioning is   being   carried   out.   Christian   pastors   need   to   wake   up   to   the awful reality of what is happening.  [Posted 21/05/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Book of Enoch  is a Dangerous Demonic Snare The    great    End    Time    deception    will    likely    induce    most    of mankind    to    believe    in    ETs    or    some    kind    of    non-human intelligence.     Many     already     believe     in     the     Nephilim,     the offspring   of   the   alleged   sexual   union   between   fallen   angels   and human   females.   Given   that   this   idea   originated   in   The   Book   of Enoch ,   the   architects   of   the   New   World   Order   are   working hard       to       make       professing       Christians       believe       that       this Apocryphal   work   should   have   been   included   in   the   Bible.   Our paper exposes the cunning and duplicity behind all of this. [Posted 05/05/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The   Asherim ,   Craft   and   Magic   Circles   of   Babylonian   London As   born-again   Christians   we   are   expected   to   use   our   common sense    and    weigh    the    evidence    in    support    of    any    claim    or theory.   Many   who   doubt   the   existence   of   a   long-term   plan   to eliminate   Christianity   and   bring   in   a   New   World   Order   may benefit   from   our   exposé   of   Babylonian   London   (2014),   as   well as   the   information   set   out   in   this   paper.   They   ought   to   startle anyone   who   is   truly   sincere   in   his   or   her   quest   for   proof   of   a high-level secret conspiracy.  [Posted 24/04/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Pharaoh Akhenaten  is another Illuminati invention As   we   demonstrated   in   our   paper,   Eugenics,   Hybrids,   and   the Illuminati    Labyrinth    [#121],    the    British    Elite    have    been revising      history   and   inventing   historical   ‘facts’   to   suit   their purpose.    The    pharaoh    known    as    Akhenaten     is    supposed    to have   originated   the   concept   of   monotheism   -   belief   in   just   one God   -   around   the   time   of   the   Exodus.   However,   this   pharaoh did   not   exist   but   was   invented   by   the   British   to   undermine   the Biblical foundation of both Judaism and Christianity.  [Posted 14/04/2017] - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Illuminati War on Natural Women Most   professing   Christians   are   unaware   of   the   extent   to   which the    Ruling    Elite,    along    with    their    closest    associates,    are transgendered   Luciferians.   Sadly,   they   are   even   unaware   of the   great   hatred   that   Satan   has   for   natural   women   and   how this   hatred   is   being   expressed   through   the   wicked   transgender agenda.   The   minds   of   our   children   are   being   poisoned   by   this sinister   program.   This   paper   reveals   the   high   level   of   trickery and deception that the Elite are using to implement it.   [Posted 05/04/2017]    
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