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Understanding the Coming Turmoil from a Born-again Christian Perspective
“The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly.”   - Zephaniah 1:14
We   are   keen   to   raise   awareness   generally   of   the   dangers   posed   by   the coming   New   World   Order   and   the   forces   behind   it   -   and   to   do   so   from a born-again Christian perspective. The   accent   throughout   is   on   verifiable   facts,   namely   material   that   the reader   can   confirm   to   his   or   her   satisfaction   from   other   sources.   The site   tries   to   identify   and   describe   the   'big   picture'   and,   in   particular, how it fits into the End Time scenario described in the Bible. Our   basic   premise   is   that   traditional   Bible-based   Christianity   is   under attack   in   a   systematic   and   often   insidious   way   in   all   parts   of   the   world today.   The   tragedy   is   that   most   Christians   do   not   seem   to   be   aware   of this.    Our    papers    are    designed    to    expose    this    strategy,    the    people behind   it,   and   the   methods   they   are   using   to   undermine   and   destroy Christianity. Our   papers   were   accessed   more   than   500,000   times   in   the   7-year period   2009-2015.   Readers   who   wish   to   download   several   papers   at once   may   do   so   by   going   to   the   Internet   Archive   website   (where   our papers    are    grouped    by    year)    and    searching    on    the    name    'Jeremy James.'
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- NEW  NEW  NEW - Biblical Cosmology as the LORD has Revealed The   Bible   is   correct   and   modern   astronomy   is   false.   There are   indications   that   more   and   more   people   are   waking   up to    the    ‘Moon    Landing’    scam,    which    would    never    have worked    had    professing    Christians    believed    the    Biblical account     of     Creation.     The     heliocentric     model     of     the ‘universe’   is   a   wicked   deception,   as   is   the   absurd   notion that   ‘outer   space’   is   millions   of   light   years   across.   This paper   takes   a   systematic   look   at   the   cosmology   described in   God’s   Holy   Word   and   shows   how   it   all   fits   together.   Our wonderful    Creator    –    who    also    created    the    earth,    sun, moon,   and   stars      sets   out   very   clearly   in   His   own   words what   He   did   on   our   behalf   and   on   behalf   of   His   Son.   Read His account in His own words and see for yourself. [Posted 07/07/2016]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Midsummer’s Day and the World Financial Crisis While   it   is   difficult   to   tell   when   exactly   the   world   financial system   will   slide   over   the   precipice,   we   can   be   sure   it   will be   a   controlled   event.   For   this   reason   any   major   occasion that    fits    the    pattern    of    Babylonian    symbology    is    worth investigating.    In    this    paper    we    connect    certain    current events    in    both    the    UK    and    the    US    with    two    previous papers   in   this   series   and   reveal   a   significant   underlying pattern. [Posted 19/06/2016]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - How the Enemy Devised a False Alternative Reality The    leaders    of    the    Antichrist    world    system    have    been attacking   the   truth   of   the   Bible   in   a   number   of   ways   for many   years.   As   a   result,   certain   beliefs   are   widely   held today   that   find   no   confirmation   in   the   Word   of   God,   such as   space   travel,   the   existence   of   other   earth-like   planets, and   a   universe   that   is   billions   of   light   years   across.   This paper   shows   how   Satan’s   fictitious   alternative   reality   was ‘constructed’    and    how    it    is    being    used    to    undermine Biblical truth.  [Posted 15/06/2016]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Tent We All Dwell In - Why the Sky is Blue   Isaiah   40:22   tells   us   that   the   "firmament"   stretches   over the    earth    like    a    tent.    In    its    false    cosmological    model, modern   astronomy   tries   to   ascribe   the   blue   color   of   the sky   to   the   scattering   of   blue   light   as   it   passes   through   the atmosphere.     However,     this     paper     shows     why     that explanation     is     false     and     suggests     a     straightforward Biblical alternative. [Posted 26/05/2016]                                         - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Great Cosmological Lie Even   though   the   Bible   clearly   states   that   the   earth   is   both flat   and   stationary,   many   preachers   and   pastors      who profess   to   take   the   Bible   literally      accept   without   question the   'modern'   scientific   view.   They   have   been   tricked   into believing   that   the   earth   is   a   sphere   racing   through   space   at 18   miles   a   second   and   spinning   on   its   axis   at   a   thousand miles   an   hour.   This   paper   gives   a   number   of   simple   proofs that   the   earth   is   both   stationary   and   flat,   just   as   the   Bible says.    It    also    shows    that    the    model    of    the    universe    (or cosmology)   being   promoted   by   modern   Astronomy   and Astrophysics   is   a   very   clever   deception.   We   should   hardly be   surprised   that   Satan   has   concocted   such   outrageous lies.   After   all   he   is   fighting   a   war   that   he   cannot   afford   to lose   and   will   stop   at   nothing   to   secure   complete   control over mankind.     [Posted 16/05/2016]    - NEW  NEW  NEW - The Deity of Jesus and a Seriously Flawed Tract The   most   basic   doctrines   of   Christianity   are   under   severe attack    almost    everywhere.    Chief    among    these    is    the doctrine    that    Jesus    was    God    incarnate.    An    essential element   of   this   doctrine   is   that   Jesus,   in   the   course   of   his earthly   ministry,   clearly   identified   himself   with   the   LORD. In    short,    he    personally    confirmed    that    he    was    God incarnate.    This    doctrine    must    be    fully    understood    and faithfully   communicated   by   all   believers.   Unfortunately, many   are   failing   to   do   this.   One   well-known   discernment ministry,   Lighthouse   Trails,   has   even   issued   a   tract   on   this topic    which    is    so    seriously    flawed    that    it    ought    to    be withdrawn. This paper explains why.   [Posted 24/04/2016]   - NEW  NEW  NEW - Reiki, the Occult, and Psychic Attack The    extent    to    which    New    Age    practices    are    becoming acceptable,   even   commonplace,   within   society   is   a   matter of   great   concern.   They   are   touted   as   "new"   but   are   actually old-fashioned    pagan    beliefs    dressed    up    in    glitzy    new clothes.   Reiki   is   a   prime   example   of   this.   Masquerading   as a   healing   modality,   it   is   really   a   way   of   exposing   members of   the   public   to   the   sinister   influence   of   'spirit   guides'.   As such   it   is   both   occult   and   dangerous.   Have   nothing   to   do with it. [Posted 10/04/2016] - NEW  NEW  NEW - Solid Scriptural Proof of a Pre-tribulation Rapture The   doctrine   of   a   Pre-tribulation   Rapture   is   coming   under intense   attack   from   several   quarters   and   is   likely   to   be assailed   with   even   greater   vigor   in   the   years   ahead.   The architects   of   the   coming   One   World   religion   despise   it   and want     it     abolished.     The     recent     DVD     by     Good     Faith Ministries      Left   Behind   or   Led   Astray?       is   part   of   this co-ordinated    attack.    Readers    are    invited    to    explore    the startling    evidence    in    this    paper    that    the    Bible    most definitely teaches a Pre-tribulation Rapture. [Posted 27/03/2016]  
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"Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger." - Zephaniah 2:3
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