The following seven interviews were broadcast live on Louth-Meath FM Radio in Drogheda, Ireland, during the past 10 years. The main topics of discussion were the coming New World Order,  the orchestrated attack on Christianity, chaos in the world financial system, the subversion of traditional moral values, and the various  schemes that the Ruling Elite are using to impose their will on  mankind. While much of the material is addressed from an Irish  perspective, the general content relates to the world as a whole:                Interview 24 June 2019 [37 mins]                   Interview 05 January 2017 [35 mins]                  Interview 05 August 2015 [44 mins]                   Interview 09 January 2014 [40 mins]                  Interview 12 January 2012 [44 mins]                  Interview 18 February 2011 [34 mins]                  Interview 09 March 2009 [37 mins]